For Love

By: Kira Bouviea'

She's a materialistic sort of girl.

He denies it all the time.

She's got phones, purses and clothes galore.

He doesn't see it.

He's a geeky sort of guy

She thinks he's handsome.

He's on the computer all the time.

As long as they spend time together it will never matter.

Her friends all hate him.

The feelings mutual - she's too good for them.

Her parents think he's beneath her.

Her parents are puffed up chickens.

His parents think she's using him.

He hasn't spoken to them since.

His sister thinks she's just with him for the money.

He got the story from his brother-in-law - it was quite a fight.

She's worried he's going to leave.

He would die first.

She thinks a change is in order.

He wasn't aware a change needed to be made.

She spends her mornings in a soup kitchen.

He wonders where she goes.

She donates her excess to good will.

He thinks she's packing to leave him.

She notices his mood and asks about it.

He confronts her about her apparent departure plans.

She's shocked - she would rather loose a limb than leave.

He asks about her changes - isn't he good enough?

She thinks he deserves better, she's trying to be better.

He quickly disabuses her of that notion.

She remembers why she fell in love with him.

He knows why she tried to change for him.

She's in love.

Love makes you become a better person for those you care about.

She couldn't dream of a better life.

He knows - he's done the same thing.