The sun shone down onto my face through the gap between the curtains, dragging me slowly out of the depth of an idyllic reverie known to many as sleep. Rolling over, I crashed into something warm and hard. I snuggled closer, at first thinking it was a hot water bottle.

As conscious thought began to awaken within my mind, I realised that my earlier musings of a hot water bottle couldn't possibly be correct, for the mystery object, as I had now dubbed it, was far too large to be anything of the sort.

Still rubbing sleep from my eyes, I reached out and touched this alien object which appeared to have invaded my bed. My slender fingers gliding over its surface, I came to the conclusion that because it was so smooth and felt so good to touch, it could stay in my bed.

I continued to run my fingers over the smooth mystery object, enraptured by it's ability to radiate heat like a…radiator? It was smooth, warm, and, although foreign to me, I felt strangely comforted by its presence in my bed.

Suddenly, a moan elicited from somewhere within my room. I was sure that it wasn't from me... wasn't I? After a lapse of a few seconds or so, it occurred to me that it couldn't be anything other than the strange object my hands had been caressing for the past five minutes. Still not quite fully awake, I continued with my exploits of it, before another moan escaped the yet unidentifiable object. It rolled over and faced towards me.

I saw a mop of chocolate brown hair and a wide expanse of bare chest that was most definitely male.

"Aaaah!" I jumped out of bed and promptly started screaming.

That was until I realised I wasn't wearing anything.

Oh shit.

AN: This is the first thing I've written in a long time. Any sort of feedback would be helpful.