Welcome to my Romance

By: Kokoro no Wasuremono

I am Crowned Prince Kariyu Lawrence Bernard Ye Matheyus, The 1st born son of the Matheyus Clan. Well, Duh! My siblings are all female for Pete's sake! That leaves me to be the ONLY Ist born SON. I'm 16 years old and the youngest of all the royal siblings. My mother and father, the royal couple (rolls eyes) are the most freaky parents alive in all Matheyus Clan History. My father, Leandro Misora Ye Matheyus is the smiling idiot type with the dark black diamond locks and deep green eyes while on the other hand my mother, Hikari Shuuhei Ishia Ye Matheyus is the cold and silent type with her hair as the shadings of dark brown to locks of light blond-ish with eyes mysterious as the color of sea but still they said that they fell in love with each other. Puh-lese! They were arranged married by our grand old-man and his wife (in simple word our 'grandparents').

In the royal family the 1st born child was Misarah 22 y.o., she was our head-chief for war affairs. The sister of a freak of mine is not robosturous as you think, in fact she's the elegant type with long flowing sandy blonde hair and glistening blue-green eyes. Are you wondering why she was assigned by our old man in that position? Easy! She's a killing machine. She even creeps me sometimes when she smiles coldly at me; I guess she inherited mom's genes. Second on the line are my twin sisters, Lilith and Luara 19 y.o. known as the Trick Masters, both in matching dark hazel nut brown hair. The only way to tell them apart is their bangs of their hair and eyes. Lilith has her bangs sided to the left with eyes as dark as a strong ranging storm and Laura with her bangs sided to the right with calm light green-ish forest garden colored eyes. They were assigned as advisors for money and people's need affairs. Those damn twins can be really a handful of problems but they're really smart and can handle finances and all the needs of our people in a way that your mouth will hang open. For their name, they are really tricky when it comes to playing. They love playing games with...people. Both of them are sick physcos! They just know how to stir a fight in a very happy day. Next in the line is the one and only son and crowned prince of this kingdom, ME! I have the shiny raven locks of my father and the calm color of ocean as my eyes.

"Dammmnit! Lilith! Laura! Get back here!" Misarah yelled angrily as she side stepped all the priceless furniture that once stood there as I sat there on the last standing furniture which happens to be a soft armchair.

"No way! No way!" Both of them chanted happily, oblivious to the fact that Misarah was already going to killing mode.

"You twins are dead meat!" Misarah screamed a battle cry, completely destroying her cold image. Thus making the twins run even faster.

"STOP" My voice ordered softly. They all halted and looked at me indifferently. "I'm tired at looking at your fight. Take it somewhere; I think I've gone deaf too." I simply explained while brushing away my raven haired bangs that kept on my viewing range.

Just then the brief silence that I enjoyed was broken by a messenger who brought news which usually meant I have to move already from my comfy state.

"MESSAGE FROM THE-" He started confidently as his head was high but I interrupted him in mid words "Shut up! Tell me what you want, and then leave". The twins snickered while Misarah smirked coolly.

"Yes sire, the king wants the crowned prince and his beloved sisters-" he said pausing for a while but I quickly added "They aren't as beloved as you think, these women are amazons" I pointed at the women who are unfortunately my sisters "Yes-, The crowned prince and HIS sisters must go to the throne room for that was the order of the king." He bowed graciously and rapidly scurried away like a frightened mouse.

"You scared him, Kariyu" Lilith said smugly "That was bad" Laura taunted adding. Misarah just snobbed them and left the room.

"Go to hell" I smiled back "Come, The old man is calling us" I gestured towards the exit being the gentleman that I am, I pushed them hard thus resulting of the twins dropping on the floor with a thud. They said in unison "OUCH! THAT HURT". But I just walked out and ignored them.

- 3

I'm Keiji Heitaro Korinth, I'm 18 years old and the oldest child of the Korinth Clan. My families are bred as winners and leaders. Thus being the result of what I am. They say I'm cold and ruthless and everything that a bad person should be. I didn't ask for this but why was it given to me? I guess this is my fate, I must accept it. Our families are businessmen, successful businessmen. My Father, Samuki Ryuto Korinth with hair as fiery as red and eyes colder than ice in the color of deep violet. My mother, Kumiko Hitoryu Michiko Korinth with the bi polar attitude of my father having the eyes of wind in the shades of lavender to deep set fuchsia, her hair tied in a high ponytail in the color of Light brown which emimits a certain royal shine to it.

In our family, we were all males. That's why father was so pleased with us because he says that women are not good enough for business dealings though still, but not enough to treat us as children or to be respected as their children. Father and Mother always treat us like adults and expect much of us. That's why we were always successful. I was the oldest and inherited my mothers light brown hair and father's deep mysterious violet eyes. Next in the line was Jiruiyo Torikane Korinth 17 y.o, inheriting my father's fiery hair and mother's lavender eyes. He also inherited mother demeanor which consists of mood swings. Next and our youngest Kirarin Haruhi Korinth 15 y.o., inheriting both mother and father's color hair and was mixed in the brilliant color of mahogany, his eyes in the deep but light hearted set of violet eyes, so unlike of mine and father's. In our family, we were all successful. In our family, failure is not accepted. In our family, pride is our life.

A soft knock was heard "Can I come in, Keiji?" Kirarin's soft voice asked melodramatic. I just sighed but answered back "Yes, of course". The door opened, revealing the unusual hair color of Kirarin. "Can I help you?" I asked as I stared at him scrutinizing but never the less he was unfazed. He was used to me already.

"Father is asking for you, come" There was no other way to excuse myself. But the again, this is my family. I am to follow. So I nodded

We silently walked at the dimlited hallways, not even uttering a single word. The door of father's office was slightly opened. I nodded as Kirarin smiled emptily as he understood what I meant. He slowly retreated back as I sighed. I knocked and waited for my father's approval for me to come in.

"Keiji" His voice was smooth and not a single word can faze the tone. I entered, not even bothering to answer back. "Sit Down" He ordered as he gestured to the empty chair in front of him. He massaged his temples as he started. "You know that our past ancestors have a big debt to the Matheyus Clan, correct?" I nodded mutely as he continued "They have come now to retrieve what they say belongs to them."

"I don't see where this is going; I have been successful on my part. Our finances are over flowing. What else could you not pay them?" I said coldly.

"I tried on paying them with money, but alas they won't accept it" He's eyes were already blanked "They are asking for my 1st born child to be the payment of everything"

My eyes widened, I slammed my palms in his table "I'm not a toy to be sold". He just calmly replied "You were what they were asking for, so I have to abide. They have more power than our family. You MUST understand"

And that was the end of the conversation, the end of my brief happiness and the end of my freedom. Oh! How that hurt badly!

- 3

-Throne Room of the Matheyus-

"Yes, papa? You called for us?" Misarah said while bowing of respect on their king.

"Does papa want to talk with us? Or maybe play?" Laura asked as Lilith nodded happily.

"umm..No, children" He laughed nervously and sighed when he did not found his crowned son "Where is Kariyu?"

"I'm here old man" Kariyu smirked, despite the disrespectful words he said. The king still laughed heartedly. The queen just smiled creepily as she found her son quiet amusing in his words for respect.

When everything was arranged, they all grew serious and the atmosphere changed drastically

"As you know" King Leandro said while sitting in a slouching position as the Queen, Hikari just sighed exasperatedly.

"If you studied our history that is" The queen added eyeing her only son who was quiet the rebellious type when not spoiled. The king nodded too albeit his sustaining freaky smile.

"A clan has quiet a fortune of debt in our family, namely the Korinth Clan which I may say has the best business here in this Part of the Hemisphere"

"You're exaggerating, papa" The twins said with eyes sparkling with mischief of what they heard.

"I'm not, unfortunately. They are rich, very rich. But they debt is still more expensive than how much money they have." The kings eyes sparkled as the hair in my back stood up, this was getting creepier and somehow, I know I'm involved with this.

Slowly and as quietly as I could, I crept out of the scene. Unfortunately the idiotic twin sisters of mine saw my fast escape and yelled "RIYU! RIYU! Where are you going?" Lilith yelled while Laura added "Papa hasn't finished his majestic speech yet." Unknown to commoner's eyes, a wide smirk appeared in the twin's lips. I'm not paranoid! Seriously! I saw it!

I grumbled and tried to give a tantrum but Misarah glared at me with her freaky eyes thus making me stand stiffly in front of them.

"I know what you're thinking my son, and yes you are correct! Somehow and someway you are involved in this" King Leandro smiled goofily.

"You are GOING to pay for this, you damned twins" I hissed angrily at my sisters.

Laura smiled smugly "You said something, baby brother?" Lilith came close to my right ear through my back "Payback time, sweet prince" I heard! I heard their maniacal laughs in my head. I swear!

"Kariyu, the heir of the Korinth Clan will be acting as your personal…slave? Perhaps?" My mother slyly suggested.

"Hell No! I don't need another nuisance in my life. You people are enough as it is" I replied arrogantly. Hey! I have an image to keep up. I am a prince, after all!

The twins began their 'whispering' which was like easily heard by people miles away.

"LILITH, DID YOU KNOW THAT THE HEIR OF THAT CLAN IS SO HANDSOME?" Laura 'whispered' -as if- while father rolled his eyes.

"OH REALLY, LAURA? BUT IT WAS RUMMORED THAT HE WAS 'BEAUTIFUL', NOT HANDOMSE. A RARE GIFT FOR A MAN, I MAY SAY" Lilith 'whispered' back. This time it was Misarah's turn to roll her eyes.

I was fuming, fuming with anger "I AM NOT GAY! YOU STUPID BRATS!"

"Whoever did say, you were gay, my dear?" Queen Hikari asked

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