I got up trying to find my saviors I looked around and got up trying to over look the people crowding over me. The cars kept beeping. I caught a glimpse of a white man with long hair.

Not many of those around these parts. I pushed my way around the people who apparently cared about my safety.

Too bad I was about to punch the old lady who kept insisting they pray for me.

" Come ohn we gitta pray for her." She spoke horrible English and I had no need to say something to her she didn't understand.

I don't know why she had to do this in the middle of a busy street. One of them was going to get run over and I hoped it was her.

I wanted to shove her and I lost track of the long hair man and the other one with an eye brow piercing. They were walking away from the crowd as if nothing happened.

So I did what any other person would do.

Running with one high heel and with gum in your hair.

" Hey!"

I don't think they could hear me at all because there was a building near us that started construction.

I could hear large jack hammers, chain saws, and nail guns.

I found them on the bus bench.

I hovered over them and they looked up. They probably thought I was crazy or something.

" Thanks."

" That's it?" The boy with a piercing raised his left eyebrow, I think it's called a barbell. He looked about 17 or 18.

" What do you want her to say Jared?" the other guy the one with the long hair looked at me smiling. " Thank you it's our pleasure."

" I just think it's weird and brave but like..."

" Well thank you. It's just what I felt like I had to do." Jared kept studying me openly then smirked devilishly.

" I'm pretty sure there's ways she can thank us," he grinned ear to ear. I know that face, I wasn't sure if he was teasing or serious.

The other guy looked at me seeing I was anxious. He turned and gave a nasty look to Jared.

" What Bob?"

" Angeline! Where you've been?!" I looked then saw my cousin Emanuel.

I turned back to Jared and Bob. I felt like I had to thank them a real good way. Something that doesn't involve me having no clothes or using my mouth in ungodly ways.

" I really should thank you for you know saving my life from burning in hell." I didn't no where that came from.

Jared laughed " I think you know how to."

" Shut up Jared!"

Emmanuel was still looking at me waiting for me to go. I walked away still not feeling right. I wasn't sure how to thank them. Hallmark cards don't make thank you cards that reflect these situations.

I turned around one last time and looked at two people who just saved my life to only walk away.

I felt like something big was going to happen.

" You are so stupid!" My mother started yelling.

I put the volume of my mp3 player louder. I could hear her yelling through my headphones even if it's on high blast.

" You don't know how to fold clothes! Why the hell do I take care of four handicap kids. !" She took the cover I folded wrong and threw them on the floor.

She said more shit to me in Creole. I rolled my eyes and walked away. I would like to believe that my mom was doing this because she almost lost me but it seemed to me it was regular old crazy Haitian.

I kept thinking about the whole incident over and over again. It just wouldn't leave my head.

The car going a hundred miles an hour.

No one was making a big deal out of it so neither did I.

I left the laundry room and began walking downstairs.

" I just don't think she would do that. Things have been a little tough on her but that doesn't mean she tried to kill herself." I heard Rose speaking. Why the hell was she here? I stopped in my tracks and began to ease drop.

" She had enough time to jump out the way and save herself. Why on earth would she just...just...stay put?" My stomach tightened and my ears began to burn. I had a feeling she talking about me. Okay I can't be an idiot I knew she was talking about me.

Rose sighed. " Maybe she was just so scared and shock."

I had enough of hearing this. I went back upstairs tiptoeing so they wouldn't hear me.