My Rant

You're making me sick.

All your so called discussions and openness.

Pure hypocrisy.


I can't believe that you have the audacity to call yourself understanding.

You're demanding, conniving, pretending to be this image of perfection.

So much lying.

Therapy sessions where you talk about the child inside you dying.

Fuck you and your whiny, pointless, issues.

So your friend died, mine to!

But I'm not bitching about it,

looking for sympathy.

Oh, you're tough,

fucking sociopath.

Yeah you're bad,

drugging out on heroine.

You kill yourselves and BRAG about it!

Your racist and you LAUGH about it!

How much do you even know about the world?

Saying this and that about politics.

You don't know shit.

Sure you watched CNN for about five minutes,

but you act like you have extensive knowledge on the subject.

This is stupid.

My ranting is getting me no where.

Fuck you.

A/N- Okay so I know that this is all over the place, but I wrote this after an upsetting discussion/argument that I had in school. Thanks for reading.