Chapter 9


We walked into the house quietly as Jason drove off. I wanted to pounce on Alessandria right then and there, but we were startled as we heard a loud shriek.

"OH MY GOODNESS!" I heard my mother scream as she rushed downstairs. "MY TWO LITTLE ROCKSTARS ARE BACK!" She said running to us, pulling us into what felt like a death grip instead of a hug. "Now I'm not going to bed until you guys tell me how it went!

"It was amazing mum, and we met up with this guy who wants to hear more of our stuff!" Alessandria said as she joined my mother on the couch.

"Yea, and we may get signed!" I joined in on the excitement.

"Well that's just wonderful! But when you guys get famous please don't get addicted to drugs or booze!" She joked.

I stood behind the couch, my mother brushed Alessandria's hair aside. I sometimes thought that maybe my mother had really wanted a daughter too; she had treated Alessandria like one so well. I guess that dream would've come true if my father hadn't left her for some other woman.

"Hey Spencerkins," I hated how my mother called me that. Alessandria giggled. "Sorry, but could you go upstairs, I really want to talk to this girl."

I nodded and dragged myself exhaustedly up the steps.

As I shut the door behind me, my heart started to beat fast. I had just remembered how my mother had told me to watch over Alessandria because of her weight! I felt so bad; maybe that's what my mother wanted to talk about with her!

I sank down on my bed, not enjoying the feeling of it. I wanted to get up and listen in on what was going on. Maybe I'm just over reacting I thought. It occurred to me then that I was crazy. I had been overreacting, jumping to conclusions, and rushing things more and more recently!

Suddenly, a soft knock pulled me back to my senses. "Come in." I said.

I could see Alasandria's small petite figure walk in. "Hey Spence." I heard her say quietly.

"What were you and mom talking about?" was all I could say. I just bit my lip before I could say anything else.

"I may have to see the doctor tomorrow when mom gets home from work." She sat down next to me on the bed.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I sat up.

"My weight, I mean, I told mum that I wasn't anorexic, so now she thinks its because of my heart medication." She uttered.

We sat for a minute. I looked at her as she stared at the shadows of the tree branches on the wall.

"Spencer?" I heard her say.


"Do you really love me?" she looked at me as if I were about to say no.

My heart skipped a beat, but luckily I got the words out without choking. "Yes! I honestly do!" That's when it spilled out. "Ever since all of this stuff started happening I've just found myself growing more and more in love with you!"

She looked at me and smiled. That adorable smile did it all for me. I pulled her close to me and began kissing her softly. She wrapped her arms around me and I went off. I laid back and she lay down to the side of me. We went on and on until our tongues were wrestling. "I love you too Spence." She mumbled.

I woke up in the sunlight the next morning, I felt as if I were dreaming. I then noticed that Alessandria was asleep next to me. I felt so weird; I couldn't stop looking at her. She looked so sweet, and as cliché as this may seem, she was sleeping like a baby.

I slipped out of bed quietly and walked out of my room. As I made my way to the bathroom I past my mother's room. She was just waking up, that's when I realized it was 7 in the morning, and I was wide-awake!

"G'morning Spencerkins." She said out.

"Morning mom." I replied walking into the bathroom.

I stood there looking at the mirror. I didn't even recognize the boy that was looking back at me. Then I looked down to see the digital scale on the floor. I hadn't looked at it in a while, nor had I used it. I stepped on it mindlessly. It read 172.

I stared down. It had to be lying I thought. After all that eating I had actually done without vomiting for almost a week straight left me with this? My body shook in disgust. Yet I couldn't bring myself to shove the other end of my toothbrush down my throught. I stood back and glared at myself. My stomach growled.

"Shut up" I said pinching my flabby abdomen. "You don't deserve food."