Perfect Entropy

In the beginning of time

Nature and religion

Helplessly intertwined,

They cannot be separated.

On the edge of a chasm

. - Small altars.

In moss-claimed ruins

. - A ceremony of clicks and yells

. - The participants waving hands

. - Crooked teeth calling out changes in tune.

A man sits still, legs crossed

. - Dreadlocks tumbling down in ropy cords

. - Yellow streaks of paint rest on his forehead

. - A red stripe between them.

. - His fingers tipped red as they brush over his scripture.

. - He meditates

. - One with the world.

In the beginning of time

Nature and religion

Helplessly intertwined.


Time passes

Fires bloom

A city flashes by

A portent of things to come


Muddied flats pour water over algae-covered precipices

. - Brown-tinged liquid falls, turning yellow, then white.

. - Spray hangs in the air

. - A cloud of mist and beauty.

Lakes reflect their surroundings

. - Mirrors to the world around them.

. - The ripples of birds disturb the surface.

A twisted tree rests, lightning blasted

. - A gargoyle perches on top

. - Head cocked to a side as he rustles his wings.

A chainsaw whines, like a thousand angry hornets.

. - A giant falls

. - Knocking over other trees in its way.

Lands die; rainforests are burned

. - Natives look from shadows in fear

. - Like hunted animals.

People, packed in a small space

. - Shoebox houses stacked on top of each other:

. - Haphazard block piles thrown together by a child;

. - Regimental lines constructed by an adult.

A cigarette factory

. - Full of people, bright clothing

. - Rolling dirty, ugly tobacco

. - A claustrophobic environment.

A sterile white room

. - Like a hospital

. - People bustle, assembling electronics.

Adults rush by

Filled with busy lives

And the pace of life

No time, not enough

Rush, rush

Hurry, hurry

Go now

Faster, faster

A blur of color.

A mime silently screams

. - Eyes rolling back

. - His face contorts in agony.


Fire rises up in columns

. - Yellow tornadoes of flames.

Army trucks

. - Blown out by bomb blasts

. - Abandoned as useless.

Shoveling ashes

. - Burning bodies.

Barbed wire, victims' shoes

. - Black and white photographs

. - Piles of skull and bones, neatly placed, cracking

. - A concentration camp.


A slow yet sudden progression

From harmony to disaster

From vibrant reds and greens

To a dead and desolate brown.

And mankind is at the center of it all.

A/N: This was inspired by the film "Baraka". The interpretation of it is up to you.