The car sped away

I saw you leave

As you disappeared into the horizon

If I knew then what I know now

Would we have done things differently?

Would you have noticed me

See only you,

In a crowded place

Standing in that corner

Admiring your grace

Would I have told you

Every moment we had,

All the things so special

Your smile, your laughter

I'll always treasure

Would we have given away

The secrets within us,

Everything I wanted to say

I hoped you wanted to hear

You didn't stay

I lay there

Too shocked to

Hear my own tears

Crawl helplessly for help

Can't battle my own fears

You watch over me

I tell them it's meaningless

To talk about you

But you were always

Shining your spotlight on me

'We' might have only existed

In my citadel, far away

I'm glad I can accept

That was all I needed

Another chance, another lifetime

I wouldn't change a thing