Die to Remember

Bumhe Han

How dreadfully I miss the circle

That perfect circle, bound by eternity and drawn by the immortal

Happiness encompassed it, love resided in it

Pulchritude reverberated around it

Spinning with continual iridescent spectrum





Breathlessly crawling on me

Every cell of what I've been cursed screeching for mercy

Suspended myself, thunderstruck by what have been just spelled

Not a melody to care by

My spirits are blackened

The sinister flame of my burning soul reflects my worthiness

The moment the single dust flies off my flesh

How could I ever dare to recall?

Tears refreshing the lake of these painful memories

In my own reflection, looking at a mirror, I see nobody

Punching it with all my force

Just to make my fist bleed

Just to let the mirror invoke my broken image

And those shards, I use to slit

My veins and bristle my heart

Rest of them is woven into spiky chains

That will wrap around my body

And pulverize it into pieces

Walking on a path that leads to nowhere

Up ahead, I see the shadow of my doom

Back behind, I hear creeping screaming

Calling my name

It was my own voice

Reminding me that

I should die

To remember, just to remember