To be a Squirrel

Squirrels have it better than all of us

They sit around

They eat nuts and climb trees

They don't have a care in the world

I should become a squirrel

Run away from my life

Grow fur

Shrink down to size

Grow long teeth and a tail

And become an acrobat!

Oh, how fun that would be!

I would be called the "Masked Avenger"

I would attack annoyances from above

Small children who got on my nerves

But those times would be few and far between

I would have babies, lots of babies

And I would teach them to be slick like me

Perhaps I could work for the CIA?

Nah, they don't use squirrels as spies


I guess it's back to reality tomorrow!

Oh, and I really wanted to be a squirrel

A/N: Right, this is some random idea I had. God, what did I write?!