It's like when someone wears a mask over their face; you can't see everything they hide. It's like the town wears a mask over its villainy, allowing you only to see the upscale beauty.

Rows and rows of well-furbished buildings compliment the trendy coffee and clothes shops, while the beautiful gardens provide day after day of summer joy, even in the dark depths of winter. All these however, are filled with mysterious joys, joys which swallow up the citizens and change them into something different: a deceptive and brutish army. These soldiers rule the town, and what they say goes. The irony is, however, that the town controls the soldiers.

Those who choose not to follow will be cast out and will become a living joke about the town, who's only reason for existence is to be taunted by the town and the soldiers within. Likewise, those who fall out of line will also be made a mockery, even while they lie in deep white powder on the corner of the street, strangely looking at the passer-bys for sympathy. The soldiers hold very little patience for abnormalities; one screw up and you're designated an "unbeliever" for the rest of your time.

What little magic in the town is often ineffective, though no one likes to admit it, although the town certainly has its moments of beauty and a dream-come-true styled attitude which is pleasurable to everyone.

So at times, it seems that the town is covered in a sheet of darkness, but for one bright flame, which holds the stench of black bones and burning flesh, but also good intentions; these soldiers need not fight.