The Five

The Hero's Beginning


In the darkness of the night, a woman concealed in a black cloak ran towards the old, seemingly abandoned mansion in silence. No one would guess that, even though the mansion looked abandoned on the outside, inside it, the building was actually where their secret society hid. Very few people knew the society existed, or, for that matter, that they hid there, so, she was safe from people wondering why she was going there. They probably just thought she was looking for a place to hide where no one would find her. But even if they did think that, they wouldn't dare follow her.

Most people thought the mansion was haunted because ghosts were thought to of lived there, so everyone stayed clear of it. That was the main reason their society hid there. So no one would know they existed, or, if they already did, they wouldn't be able to find it. It was a perfect place to hide. No one would go there, so no one would know.

As the woman approached the mansion, she tip-toed up the stairs to the door. She pressed her hand on the door frame, and, after she heard a soft beep, opened the door and shut it quietly behind her. The woman pulled down her hood to reveal a head full of brown hair with flecks of blonde in them that reached her shoulders and dazzling blue-grey eyes. She was about 5'5 and looked to be in her mid twenties. Still, as young as she was, sadness showed on her face.

Coming towards her from a different part of the mansion was a woman with blonde hair and kind brown eyes that looked at her pityingly as she came towards the women.

"Hello Marie, how have you been?" asked the women with blonde hair.

"Good enough," said Marie sadly.

"We're sorry to hear about Ben's death. It was very tragic that he died," said the blonde.

"At least he died honorably and happily. I just wish he didn't have to die so soon after we had the Quints, Sara," said Marie her eyes welling up with tears. Sara nodded sympathetically.

"I know, I know, but that's not the reason why I called you over here, Marie," said Sara. Her eyes showed she was serious.

"I know," sighed Marie, and began to follow Sara down a hallway and into a room filled with papers. There were file cabinets against all the walls and two chairs in front of the desk. Marie sat in one of the chairs while Sara took the seat behind the desk since this was her office. Silence filled the room until Sara finally broke it.

"So, who's watching the girls while you come here?" asked Sara nervously.

" Sharon . She'll make sure nothing happens to them," said Marie quietly. Sara nodded and leaned forward towards Marie.

"So, has it been confirmed that all the girls have abilities?" asked Sara. This time Marie nodded. Sara sighed, running a hand through her hair.

"Let me see the document," said Sara. Marie reached under her cloak and pulled out the document containing information on her three month old daughters. Sara took the document wordlessly and began to scan each paper in it carefully. Her eyes grew wide with horror as she scanned the last paper.

"Uh-oh. This isn't good," said Sara quietly as she finished.

"What? What is it?" asked Marie.

"Your oldest daughter...she has the ability to learn things quickly and by doing so can absorb other people's abilities," said Sara.


"So!? Don't you know they'll be after her. Not only that but she'll die from power overload because she won't be able to control it with her being so young," said Sara hysterically.

"Well what do you want me to do about it!" cried Marie. Sara became deep in thought and after a couple of minutes of thinking she looked at Marie sadly. Marie waited for her to speak.

"Look Marie I know this won't be easy after Ben's death and all, but...I think you'll have to give her away," said Sara not looking directly at her.

"WHAT!" cried Marie. Tears were already streaming down her face.

"You know she can't stay with her siblings any longer. You'll just have to leave her in the hands of someone you can trust. That way you'll know she'll be in good hands. I'd suggest leaving Boston with your other daughters and return when you think it's right to get her. Nothing could possibly go wrong."

"I hope you're right Sara or else I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for what I'm about to do," said Marie and before Sara could even speak she got up from her seat and left the room, running out of the mansion and into the night.