I am posting this Author's Note with regret. I am sorry to inform you that because of the recent season of the show Heroes, I can no longer continue writing The Five series. If you've read the whole first story of The Five: The Hero's Beginning, you know I had a rebuttal company called Intera Inc. that was trying to give people abilities. Sadly though, on this season of Heroes, which had premiered September of THIS year, they have now copied in a way my idea of a rebuttal company and trying to give everyone abilities. Mind you all, I finished this story December of LAST year with the idea already in place months before but even so because of that now, in fear of getting sued, (if I somehow am) I can longer write this.

I am sorry to all of you who were fans, but you should be glad to know I will still leave this up here for you all to enjoy and leave up the chapters I had for the second book. If you liked this story though, I recommend you read a story I am soon going to be publishing on Fictionpress that will sort of be like this story. I don't know the genre it should go into yet but it will be called The Puppet Master. Please read that one because it will be just as exciting and suspenseful as The Five series. Once again I am sorry. This is Guacamole speaking, goodbye for now.