It's my fault

My doing

I accept all responsibility

No one should clean up after me anymore

I'm almost 18

To think of yourself as a burden

Is to be a burden…to you

People are blind

They only notice themselves

A friend notices

They won't leave

Unless you ask

Unless you shove them out the door

Then they will be gone


Growing up

Now is the time to change

To learn new things

To do what you really want to do

It's very nice to get older

To be married

To have children

To do what life asks of you

To go beyond your own boundaries

And become a new person

To be able to hug those people you love

And say "I love you"

Before it's too late

Some people can't do that

They took their lives

They were murdered

They died from disease

They died in an accident

They couldn't do those things

But I am alive

And I know that I want to live