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To Take a Second Chance

By: *Akemi*

Why can't I be happy? I'm 18 about to move out of my parents home and yet *sigh* my life is so unfulfilling. Most people would think so; after all I never had to work to get what I wanted. So here I laid my auburn hair covering my eyes. I guess you could call me the "perfect person" people think I'm pretty and I'm considered 'popular'.

I think I'm ugly.

"Shena, are you just going to lie in your room when there's a beautiful day outside?" My mother scolded me. I knew I had to go outside. She never took no for an answer. "I guess I'll go walking." I sighed and slowly got off my bed. I brushed my hair back and searched for my purse. "I'll be back before dinner." I told my father before stepping out of my house.

Don't misunderstand me, I never wanted to get everything I want to be able to actually work for something in my life. I smiled bogusly at my 'friends'. If only they knew my pain; and how I was going to deal with it. I decided that this earthly life wasn't fulfilling enough. I smiled, the first time in years, no more pain and suffering. You may not understand my pain; but then again do you have to be perfect always? Probably not.

I guess your wondering how I'm going to this.

Yes, it sounds crazy, that there shouldn't be any reason to end my life. In my whole life I have never lived up to the 'expectations' everyone had. I had to say, think, and even act like I was just right. I have never done anything to make someone over-overjoyed. My friends wouldn't even miss me. They would forget the whole thing a week later.

Would you miss me?

I'll take that as a no. I HAVE to do this. No matter what you say I HAVE TO!

I begin my 'plan' by writing a letter, which says:

Dear Mother and Father,

I guess you're in shock. How could your perfect daughter do this? You would never understand. Mom and Dad I'm not perfect, nobody is. I have my faults and my weaknesses, and I guess dealing with the pain and torture was my weakness. Please, don't cry or be sad. I still love you; I want to give all my items to a charity. They need it more than I will. Don't blame yourself. It was everything.

I love you always,

Shena B. Williams

You probably think I shouldn't do this, but your wrong.

DEAD WRONG. Speaking of death. It's time for my departure.

I can feel it, the pain, it's in my blood delivering it to my whole body. My body is shutting down it doesn't want to breathe, to live another day. I know I will hurt my parents, but for years it has been slowly poisoning me. Why should I care?

Yes, I am human. I have grown cold-blooded over the years. But then again all humans are. That's why we must dominate everything that comes in our way.

Even if it means you.

Yes you.

I know I'm depressive. It's like a virus that has took control of me.

I get ready for a walk. I tell my father that I will be back before dinner. Obviously I won't.

My heart races as I pace to the bridge. Do I really want to do this? Should I? I walk to the middle. I climb over the edge. "Please, don't go through with it!" A male voice pleads with me. "I-I have to." I think twice. "No, we can find help for you. Just don't move." He begs. WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON'T GO THROUGH WITH IT! My mind screams. "H-hurry, please." I decide I don't want to die. I feel a shaky hand hold mine. "Okay, you made the right choice...On the count on three." I finally get a look at him. He's about 6'1 green eyes, light brown hair. "One. Two." My ankle twists and I fall.

And fall.

And fall.

I hit the water. The pain. It leaves and comes smashing back. I can't swim back up. My lungs they burn. Please, not like this. I WANT TO LIVE! I try with all my might to swim. My lungs are on fire. So close. I can't hold it anymore. I give one good kick and I feel fuzzy and slowly my eyes shut.

I rub my eyes; everything is still a blur. "W-where am I?"


"What?" I look around. Everything is so calm, so peaceful.

Why should I let you in Heaven when you have committed one of the 10 commandments?

"I wanted to live, I sl-"


Who am I talking to? Is he Jesus?

I have made my mind up. You shall stay at earth protecting people... like you. When I feel you have done enough you shall proceed to Heaven.

I don't know what to say. "Thank you?" The purity I once stood turned into a living room. My old living room.

"She was about to jump when I tried to save her. She gave me her hand, but she slipped. I'm sorry." The man says. "Don't blame yourself. She-she was going to anyway!" My mother sobs. "You tried to save her. That's the best you could have done." My father softly weeps. I start crying myself. How could I?

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