A/N: first time trying something like this. I usually prefer 4-verse stanza poems with rhyming... did this for english class... did this dedicated to my story, "Angel of Fire"...

Angel of Fire

My little angel of fire, so within grasp.

I stretch my hand,

I pick up my pace.

Oh, how I long to hold you in my place.

My Angel of Fire, don't escape from me,

I long to hold you tight against me.

My Angel of Fire, oh how I adore you.

Your long red hair lights the sky on fire;

Your bright green eyes can bright up my world;

Your pale skin illuminates the dark;

And your every graceful movement makes me shudder.

Under that tree you stand, and I reach for you.




But much too slow.

Lightning flashes across the sky,

it lights and brights.


Your scream echoes across the the world,

Across me,

And right through my heart,

Piercing it like a double-edged sword.

Salt leaks through my eyes, yet there is no choice left for me.

Only with nature do you belong, my Angel of Fire.

You're something too precious to be kept,

Too precious for the world,

Too precious for me.

A fire on wood between my fingers,

My Angel of fire, became the fire.

I'll be with you always,

Goodbye, my angel.

And I let the fire consume me.