I'm being pushed away.

Calling out for me,

And yet you still push me away.

I call to you,

You no longer hear me.

I embrace you,

You no longer feel me.

You spread your arms wide,

Inviting me in,

You stand there still, waiting to hold me,

But I'm already there, holding you tight.

You no longer see me,

But my dear,

I see you,

I am near you.

You think I have lost you,

But my dear,

All those things you do,

It was you who lost me.

But you are not the only one,

Others call for me,

None do see me,

And yet they call.

You had me once,

I belonged to everyone,

I was with you always,

But then you threw me away.

One by one,

You lose your sight,

Your ears deafened,

Sense of feeling gone.

I am not wanted,

It comes with age.

But why then dear?

Why do you still call?