I Love You


So I'll be honest

I'm petrified

Scared out of my mind.

I love you

But it seems too early

Too soon

How can I love you?

I've only known you for 2 and a half months

I remember praying

Talking to God

And asking Him to keep me from loving you

But I've fallen for you

I'm scared

I want to be with you forever

I want to be your wife

Your lover

Your best friend.

You are my first

And I want you to be my last.

I asked God years ago to make my first boyfriend be my only boyfriend

Will He answer that prayer?

I hope so.

I want to know everything about you

Figure out what makes you tick

Learn new things for, with and from you.

I want to be the woman who makes you love God

I want to see you become the man of faith He has called you to be

And I want to be by your side in whatever He wants you to do and be

But I'm afraid

It all seems to fast

And I'm scared of getting hurt

Of hurting you.

We've never fought

We've never argued

There's so much about you I don't know

But I do know one thing

I love you.