February 21st

As I stand here with my hand
stretched to the azure sky above,
I see the sparkle of yesterday
and then it's gone behind a cloud.

Forever ago with our fates
firmly clasped tightly together,
is wiped away like the setting
of just another beautiful sunset.

Walking this street my soul
is alone and bare in the world,
and as the soft snow falls I
can't help but to shed a few tears.

They fall into being all alone
with no promise of the future,
and I see the shadow of tomorrow
and then it's run far ahead of me.

Spring shudders under Winter's
dying breathe and just like all scenes,
I close the door on time and stamp
Just another memory of the sky.

It's the same sky from before
blooming under my hand and yet,
I've realized I'm not the same
being whose hand touched dreams.

It's February 21st and time is
repeating behind my eyelids again,
and I wonder if you can see this
street we're walking in a fairytale.

Are you living in that fairytale
in the clouds where I can't reach?
If so I ask that you please keep
repeating that scene till we reunite.

It's February 21st…

No matter how far away you've become, no matter that I can't hold you, no matter that I can't kiss you... Wait for me in the clouds. Surely, I'll fly to you and we can continue our sad story; we don't have to leave it a tragedy. I'll wait... so please, remember my soul.