In the beginning of the universe

Space raced time until light burst

And fire streaked across the moons

Then there was green and there was blue

There was dust and the was gas

And though the universe was vast

Planets formed and stars shone bright

And soon there was the touch of life

There were days and there were hours

And eventually came spring and flowers

And then there were people moving around

And of course there was someone to write it all down

And then there was me

And there was you too

And I looked at you, square in the eye

And wondered whether or not I should try

So I said Hello and you said it back

Oh how I spent hours trying to make you laugh

And I did, and somehow I found you alone

And then we kissed in a world of our own

The next day I was eager to hold your hand

But something told me it was not what you planned

You smiled at me but it was stronger before

It struck me with a feeling I couldn't ignore

So I pulled you aside and peered in your eyes

And you bit your lip and let out a sigh

I said "Why are you so cold today,

When last night we kissed our troubles away"

And you looked at me and all of a sudden I knew

Last night was the past, and today has played through

Tomorrows is yesterday that no one yet knows

And we're all so afraid of the mysteries she holds