The Beginning

"Wake up Maga!" I heard Ryan say excitedly, then a nudge to my cheek "Hurry! Get dressed really nice and meet me in the car!"

We must've dozed off for a while, it was now 6 o'clock. I heard him dash out of the room leaving a delightful scent of cologne.

I realized that he wanted me to be all dressy. But I didn't own any good ties or decent slacks for that matter!

I dashed to my closet and pulled on a clean pair of black pinstripe pants and a white button up shirt. I combed my shoulder length blonde hair neatly and ran out of the room and out of the apartment. I calmly walked down the stairs as if I we're royalty. I stopped dead in my tracks though. I looked to see Ryan standing next to his door. My gosh, he looked so handsome with his black blazer and matching pants.

"What took you handsome!?" he said as I walked to my door.

We sat down and I leaned over to kiss his cheek. "You really shouldn't have Ry." I said sitting back.

"Only for you." He said and we took off.

I was amazed when we sat down. We' were outside and we had the best table, the one closest to the deck where we could see the Corpus Christi beach and hear the water crashing against the shore.

"Oh gosh, you really planned this didn't you!" I looked into his deep green eyes.

"Yea, kinda." He smiled.

There was a harpist who was playing near us. The song was beautiful; it was like a tune that made you want to cry. But I swallowed back as I took a sip from my lemonade. I hated that I was still too young to drink wine.

I looked over to see Ryan looking back at a mother and father smiling as their baby giggled and played with one of the green napkins that were at every table. We looked at each other and smiled.

"You remember when we talked about starting a family?" he smiled.

"Yea." I said looking at the beach. I did remember.

We were sitting on the couch in the living room and the question just popped up. While I never got a direct answer then, I had the greatest feeling in the world knowing that tonight would be the night!

"Well…" He shifted in his seat. "I never told you, but I think it would be nice to." He said taking my hand.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes! But… There's something else." He said letting go of my hand. I didn't want him to. "I really love you and…I – I- I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and having a bundle of joy would only make it even better!"

I looked at him in surprise. "Was this it?" I thought.

"What with you getting this contract and me having all of this free time until me and the guys go in for the recording, its like…only the beginning!"

"So what your saying is…" he then cut me off.

"Yes Magalia! Lets do it! Lets get married and start a family!" He then got up and kneeled down next to me with a silver ring in his hand. I almost choked up with tears as he said those words I was longing for.

"Maga, Will you marry me?" he said softly.

"Yes!" I said with tears running down my cheeks. "Yes I will!"