And The Rest Was History

I looked out of our townhouse to see the evening commuters' rush by. The cool New York air blew in from the window making me shiver.

"Aye! You are going to get a cold!" Ryan said shutting the window. I was still halfway asleep.

"Wha?" I asked sounding drunk.

Ryan smiled and hugged me, leaving me all warm. "I got to go." He frowned.

"It's the fifteenth already!" I gasped

"Yea, but I promise to call you every chance I get, even if it means waking you up in the middle of the night just to tell you that I'm dreaming of you!" He smiled as he grabbed his bag of clothes.

"Wait!" I said jumping up. "Don't go!" I took his hand. I was acting childish, but it was the only way that could make him go crazy and give in to anything.

"I can't miss my flight baby!" He kissed me. "It's not like I'm going to forget that we're married and cheat on you!"

"You better not." I smiled.

"Okay! I put the babies to rest so you won't have any problems for now." He said grabbing his drumsticks from the counter and making his way to the door. My heart was already hurting and he wasn't even out of the house yet. I went behind him and hugged him once more. His body was warm and I felt as if I didn't want to let go.

He turned around and kissed me so passionately I almost fell to the floor.

"That will last you for a good while!" He smiled

"I love you, please don't get hurt." I said.

"I wont, love you!" and he walked out into the cool winters air.

I watched him as he stopped a passing taxi and drive off. My heart was in my stomach as I sat there in the quiet.

We got married and a year ago and just recently had our papers go through, and were now the proudest parents alive! But looking back, it had all gone by so fast.

I peeked into their room to see the most beautiful twins sleeping peacefully. If only I could have done that the first few weeks that they had stayed with us. But that didn't matter now, all I could think about was how wonderful it would be to raise them. Perhaps adopt another!

It was going to be a hard week. I didn't have a photo shoot, so I had nothing to do but stay home.

I watched the sky darken through the window. I walked in and turned on their night-light.

"Goodnight Kalle, goodnight Lyric." I said as I walked out. Then as I shut off the hallway light and walked into our bedroom I whispered "Goodnight Ryan."