Rule # 53: every particle flying always lands on an eye

I should have known. Seriously! I mean, I'm Murphy. God, I hate my last name. I bet you've heard "if something can go wrong, it will go wrong". It wasn't exactly what that Murphy said back then, but that's the general idea. He also said a few other things. And those seem to be the laws that rule my life. I should warn you I'm known for being a walking disaster. Oh, and for my rambling too.

Anyway, I intended to talk about my day that started so well. Got up, nice shower, an entire morning out of accidents. You have no idea how rare that is! I can't remember the last time I had such a peaceful enjoyable morning. Blue sky, not too hot or cold, bright day... I guess you got the picture.

So I was walking down the street after Mom asked me to get some eggs and they were not broken! Every thing was this close to perfect. Until I saw him and every thing was perfect. He was perfect! His messy dark brown hair falling over his blue-grey eyes. I just wanted to brush the soft hair out of his eyes. ...I'd probably need to climb some stairs to do that because Shane is 6' and I'm 5'4''. I was trying to be polite and in control of my hormones (what?! I'm a teenager.) so I decided to focus on not breaking the eggs instead of stare.

Shane smiled and waved.

I smiled back fighting the natural instinct to faint. I know, I know, I sound like a drama queen, but have you ever had a crush on someone? I'm not talking about a cute guy; I'm talking about Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous here!

And that's when my perfect morning went down the toilet. Something fell on my eye and while I was trying to get it out, I tripped on something with... fur?! And fell on my face. Of course, I had to fall on my face because it doesn't get much more embarrassing than that.

"Perfect!..." I sighed and rolled over so I'd be lying on my back.

"Are you ok? Kaitlin?" The voice was familiar, but I couldn't really recognize it.

"I guess..." I mumbled rubbing my forehead. Great. Probably broken eggs and more bruises.

"I think the cat is fine."

"Cats are always fine." I muttered under my breath.

"I know it's a nice day to look at the clouds, but it's time to get up." Mr. Good Samaritan took my hands and pulled me up to my feet before I could answer. He had some really nice soft hands.

"Thanks." I blinked trying to get my vision clear. And guess what happened! It hurt. "Damn it."

"What's wrong?"

I blinked again trying to get whatever the heck that was out of my eyes.

"Always him..." I sighed as I tried to get that damn thing out without rubbing my eyes. With my luck, I'd go blind if I tried that.

"Here. Let me help." he came closer holding my face and blew gently in my eyes.

After the third try, he actually got it out.

"Thanks." I blinked and finally saw something. ...Oh, damn!

"Glad I could help." Mr. Good Samaritan smiled. Mr. Good Samaritan equals Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous, a.k.a. Shane.

I sighed and forced a smile. I made a fool of myself in front of Shane of all people on Earth! I want my Mommy.

"You're eye's a bit red, but aside that, it looks fine." Shane took a close look. His blue-grey eyes inches away from me. He has beautiful eyes.

I blinked again trying to get that weird feeling out of my eyes. Ever had that?

"I won't tell Mrs. Rogers you tripped on her cat." Shane smirked.

Mrs. Rogers is crazy about her cat, meaning Shane is pretty much saving my life by not telling her.

"Thanks." I managed a small smile and a nod.

"Anytime." he grinned and walked away.

I still can't believe I tripped on a stupid cat and fell on my face! I believe it's not possible to die from embarrassment simply because after 18 years, I'm still alive. After a while, Mom dragged me to the doctor because my eye was still hurting and red. Turns out I had a minor scratch on my cornea.

Oh, and I broke the eggs when I fell. Maybe she'll give up on sending me to get breakable stuff. ...Or not. For some very weird reason she still believes someday things will get home in one piece. Go figure!

A/N: Yes, I'm alive! And writing. I am terribly sorry for not updating anything since the 'deadline-week' came last semester. I've been and kinda still am with this horrible writer's block. I promise I'll finish Between Friends, no matter how long it takes. (Hopefully, not much.) So, I'm out of things to say now.