Rule # 89: One way to stop a horse in a race is to bet on it

I was sitting under the sun 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Please notice anything 'a.m.' in a weekend is considered wee hours. I should be at home sleeping and here I am, waiting for the race to start. Maddy had gone to buy us something to drink and I was here. Alone, in the heat and moody.

I was going to come anyway. It's a fund-raising event for children. How could I not come, right? Some doubt, but I have a heart. My original plan was to come during the afternoon.

Until Shane gave me that damn puppy look asking me if I was coming to see the race. How could I say no looking into his blue-grey eyes and that adorable face? Exactly, I couldn't. And I didn't.

"Did it start?" Maddy sat by my side handing me a bottle of water.
I shook my head quickly.
"Stop drooling over him." She laughed.
"I am not drooling over anyone." I stated simply. Was I lying? Yes. Did she need to know? No.
Maddy raised an perfectly shaped blonde eyebrow at me "I've seen the clothes around your room, Kate. You changed about six times before we got here."
"I did not." I tried to keep the last shrad of dignity I had.
"Really?" Maddy didn't believe me.
"It was five." I admitted trying to hold my head high.
"Kate, seriously,..."
"Look! It's about to start." I pointed the people getting ready to run.
"Do you think he's gonna win?" Maddy asked. No need to explain who 'he' is.
"Yeah. Why wouldn't he?"
"Have you seen that guy?" she pointed a tall one. 6 feet, maybe 6'2''.
"He's not that much taller than Shane."
"Yeah, except he has five feet of legs!" Maddy noticed. Ok, so the guy was a tad disproportional.
"Maybe he's all clumsy and won't get two steps right." I shrugged.
"You wanna bet?" Maddy laughed.
I raised an eyebrow. Was she kidding me? Betting on Shane's abilities like that? As if he was a dog or a horse? As if his personal achievement didn't matter? As if the children we were going to help were nothing? As if the values in this world had been replaced by easy money?
"Ten bucks on Shane." I shook her hand.
"No way he's gonna beat Mr. Legs."
"Well see about that." I raised my chin up high confidently.
Maddy ignored me pulling her hair up in a ponytail. Have I mentioned it was annoyingly hot? Where's ice-cream when you need it?

The sound of the shooting got our attention and soon a bunch of people were running. It was really easy to spot Shane in the middle of them. You're probably thinking that it's because when he's there the rest of the world fades away, yadda yadda. Now, I wish you were right. But the thing is Shane has a hiddeous taste on color when it comes to sportswear. That thing between green and yellow he was wearing seemed radioactive under the sun. Sad, really.

After a few moments, a gap started to form. Guess where Shane was? Yes, on the first group. Easiest ten bucks I've ever made.

"Look! Mr. Legs is getting closer to him." Maddy pointed excitedly thinking those were the easiest ten bucks she's ever made.
Mr. Legs, as she decided to kindly call him, wasn't easy to miss in a crowd either. An orange and purple outfit stands out like a sore thumb.
"He can't beat Shane. Have you not been looking at the way Mr. Legs runs?" Do you remember Friends? The guy puts Pheobe to shame.

Do you know those moments in which life goes by in slow motion? They were there, ahead of the race competing for the first place when the inevitable happened. I watched powerlessly as Shane's radioactive shoe lace swung around his ankle.

I blinked hoping it was an ilusion. He couldn't lose! Not like that. It was far too ridiculous.

The radioactive thing kept swinging with each step of his until it landed in front of the opposit foot. Life was back on it's normal speed as Shane fell flat on his face.

I cringed. I had just lost ten bucks. And Shane was probably hurt. (At very least, his ego was bruised and you know men...)

Less than ten seconds after that, Mr. Legs crossed the finish line.

"Ten bucks, baby." Maddy grinned at me holding out her hand.
I rolled my eyes and gave her the money. I shot her a dirty look and her grin widened. Can you believe her?! I ignored her gloating, that soon turned into mocking once I went to check on Shane.

He was fine, by the way. Just a few scraps on his knees and a big bruise on his ego.