Why did you say that?

Why did those words come out of your mouth?

You of all people,

Had to speak that sentence...

"You don't like anything do you?

You always talk negative about things,

I don't even think you like yourself."

You look at me as if I'm crazy,

When I laugh at that sentence.

But the funny thing is...

Your wrong.

That shows how much you know about me.

You think I'm depressed about something

just because I don't socialize with anyone,

but I'm not

I enjoy being all alone in the darkness,

watching as the thick red substance

drips from my fingertips.

You think I don't like myself,

You think I don't like anything,

And you think I always talk negative.

Well, I'm contempt with myself,

I like to watch the thick red substance flow,

And I talk as if the glass is half empty.

You spotted the scars on my arms,.

And asked me what happened,

But all you got were lies.

I can't believe you actually think all those scars,

Came from falling down.

How much of a moron must you be,

To not realize all those scars….

Were caused by me.

If you really knew,

Would you think I was crazy,

Think I needed help.

Would you go as far,

As to try and make me stop.

I hate to tell you,

But nothing you do will help.

I only listen to two people,

And your not one of them.

So I will say it again,

"I enjoy watching the thick red substance

Drip from my fingertips,"

And you ask me why.

Well if you must know the truth,

I do it to make sure that this reality

In which I live in…. is not a lie.

But most importantly,

I do it to make sure that I am still ALIVE.

I'll tell you once more,

For the last time….

"I enjoy watching the thick red substance

Drip from my fingertips!"

To watch as it runs from my arm to my fingertips,

And fall to the floor…

Which is now Stained With Blood.