Chapter ONE

A Rare Encounter

The sun was slowly starting to fall behind the evergreen trees. A wanderer was starting to follow the path back to her home. She stumbled, but quickly regained her balance. 'This isn't good, not good at all it's going to get dark really soon, and I'm going to run out of daylight,' the wanderer thought for a moment. She looked around the area, trying to figure out where she came out from. The sun was starting to set, and with that came the shadows, which played tricks on her mind.

Above in one of the tree tops, a guy was wearing a hood that covered his face. He watched the wanderer for a moment. 'What's that person doing?' he thought as he kept his eyes on the itinerant, the person had stopped moving for a while.

The female sighed and leaned against the trunk of a tree. In the distance she heard a branch snap, in response her hand was on the hilt of her weapon. In that instance she felt two daggers lightly touch her skin. She tried her best to relax as the hooded person began to speak. The female was trying her best to see the speaker's face. At the same time fear was starting to set into her, but she didn't make it known to the hooded person just yet.

"What are you doing here?" he asked sharply. He looked at her for a moment, she wasn't from the area. The wanderer had light brown skin, and dark hair, with dark brown eyes. In contrast they were opposite in skin color and in height. He was roughly around, or to say about close to, 5' 6" while she was around 5' 2" to about 5' 4". The wanderer was wearing a black t-shirt, it looked a bit big on the itinerant's body, and a pair of tight blue jeans with black tennis shoes.

She in return looked at him, he was wearing black pants, and a hooded grey sweater. The itinerant had her hand on the hilt of her sword it was hidden behind her back. The young man had his daggers closer to her neck watching that the hilt of the itinerant's sword become visible now. She felt cold steel touch her neck and it sent shivers up and down her spine, and then she finally spoke in response to action:

"What am I not allowed to walk through here?" she asked.

"No," he said flatly, looking at her for a moment. His eyes were fixed on the weapon the wanderer had, but they quickly went to scan the reaction on the wanderer's face. He noticed that she was trying her best not to let fear get a hold of her. He then decided to ask something a bit more comfortable:

"How old are you?"

"Nineteen." She responded, moving back a bit until she had about a millimeter of space between her neck and the daggers. "You?"

"The same," he answered not really holding any emotion in his voice.

"Now, if you don't mind, can I have my space back?" she eyed the weapons of choice the young man used.

He apologized and stepped back a bit, realizing how close they were to one another, and brought down the daggers. He raised his sweater slightly the sheaths were in plain sight and took his armaments to the sheaths on his waist as he asked her something:

"What are you dong here?" he asked. Not once did he break eye contact with her.

She sighed and explained that she had gotten sidetracked from the trail she was supposed to be following. In other words she was lost, to put it simply like that. The wanderer felt a bit uncomfortable by the fact that the young man was looking at her right in the eyes, even though he was hearing a hood she could feel the presence of someone staring her down. It seemed to make her talk more, something about the young man made her a bit fearful, just enough so that he could make her talk.

"And here I thought you were one of those asshole's who was following me, I'm sorry if I scared you though." He said bowing slightly to her.

She accepted the apology, but didn't know whether or not she should ask the question that then plagued her mind when he stated the latter comment. Her hand abated to the side of her as she fixed the sash that the held the weapon she carried. At that point while fixing her sash she decided to ask the question:

"Why would they be following you?"

"You'll find out later if you stick around." He said starting to walk back on to the dirt path, he looked back and noticed the wanderer for a moment, and he motioned a hand to her, so that she would then follow him. She didn't know whether or not she should welcome the invite to go back on the dirt path, but for that point in time she accepted it.

The two stepped back onto the dirt path, and there they exchanged names. The young man went by the name of Lecra. The young female, the wanderer, addressed herself as Leila. When one asks you what your name is, it's rather rude to not give it out, even if you were told as a child not to talk to strangers. Leila was a bit hesitant about giving her name to a stranger, but since he had said his name first it was equivalent that she give out her name to him.

The birds were chirping. The melody of the forest was starting to die down as the sun was starting to descend slowly over the hills. The winds were nipping at bodies of trees and other objects that stood in its flowing path. Leila shivered slightly due to what she was wearing. She probably didn't expect to get lost so it was a common mistake not to wear something warm.

Lecra began to feel some pity for the girl, it wasn't usual to see people, or any other life in this part of the forest. He sighed for a moment and thought of something, hopefully it would work, he prayed that it would work.

"Listen," Lecra started to speak, "I can get you there. It all depends if you can keep up. It'll probably take us till nightfall to get you back home. Do you have a place where I can crash for the night?"

Asking a complete stranger, but since they exchanged names they were on a first name to first name bases. Even that though was not enough to break the awkwardness of the whole question. Leila, being the kind of person she was, thought about it, and all the possibilities of what would happen, none of which were good, but she thought some more about it for a while.

Lecra didn't hold anything against her if she said no, any other person would say no as well, though he would be extremely glad if for once some soul did say yes. After what he had been through these past couple of weeks he really did need a place to stay. After a couple of minutes of silence, or what felt like it anyway, she finally came up with answer.

"I do," she said nodding. "But listen, I just live there by myself, so don't pull anything funny…" she said looking around slightly, a squirrel had climbed up a tree.

Lecra didn't say anything, and he looked up at the sky, the clouds were starting to change color as the sun began to set. He knew he wasn't going to be able to get her back to the city so quickly, it'd take a while. Lecra reflected back on the comment she made of living by herself, 'She's so young and she's living by herself, she must really have a good head on her shoulders to do something like that,' he thought to himself for a moment. He finally spoke, looking around the area for a moment watching the sun cast different shadows than it normally would in the afternoon.

"Do you want to run it, or should I carry you?"

"I'll try and keep up," she said not really thinking about it. If they were going to run it she'd probably be able to keep up for about thirty minutes or so, but she really wouldn't know for sure until they tried it.

Lecra gave her a small nod and started to run and she in turned followed. The weight of the weapon on her back was starting to take a toll on her after awhile of running. He led the way since he stated to her that he knew the way back to the city. For now the only thing Leila had on her mind was to go home. She wasn't going to shy away from help now, this would be her last chance to get home, or then she would have to camp out somewhere in a clearing.

Within the first ten minutes Lecra was ahead of her by a couple of meters. 'Geez this guy is fast,' Leila thought. She stopped running and watched as Lecra stopped after a couple of seconds that she had paused. He looked back at her. "I live down south…" she instructed him, walking slowly and exhausted, down the path.

Lecra heard her instructions as she said them softly, trying to get her breath back into her lungs. He offered to carry her on his back, and she agreed, so long as he didn't get any ideas, and she didn't choke him while he ran. He did warn her that he would be running fast, so one small move from her body could result in him dropping her, which meant she would end her own life. Leila thought it was a bit strange for someone to say that, but she saw how fast he ran, so maybe it was possible.

Leila started to get on his back when she noticed that the hood on the young man was starting to move back. She was going to touch it when he quickly brought his hand down to pull forward. The hand looked like it had sharp nails, even for that brief moment she let it burn into her memory. The girl was starting to have her doubts about the whole thing, but as long as this stranger could help her get back home, she didn't care. She went with her gut feeling and felt that he could be trusted. She tried to secure the weapon on her back, but he didn't give her any time to do that at all. The daggers secured to his waist were starting to get a bit uncomfortable on both him and her, but the young man wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

Leila watched the view of the woods as she was being carried by him, everything was a big blob of green and some brown parts, the leaves blended in a tinge of earthy colors. The scenery was starting to become a blur right before her eyes as she held on as best as she could. She enjoyed the silence of the whole thing, watching everything like a movie of some sort. Lecra as well was enjoying the neck breaking speed he was able to reach. In reality he loved the silence more than anything. In the distance he could see the dirt path. He knew these woods like the back of his hand, they were so familiar to him, and he could easily navigate himself through the area with his eyes closed. 'That's where the fork comes up ahead…' he thought running down the dirt path.

Lecra began to slow down and it was there they came to the crossroad. The silence was broken for right now. Both pathways led to a certain city, but since he didn't know from which one she came from he decided to ask her.

"Which way?"


The sun was starting to set, and the sky became this shade of purple, gold, and a tinge of pink across the whole sky. Lecra started to bring up an old discussion they had a little while ago. From then on until halfway there he started to walk for a little while still carrying the girl on his back and then he went into more of a jogging fashion. The sound of the girl's weapon was heard as it lightly clattered against her back. The metallic clicking sound from the daggers was muffled out slightly as Leila shifted a bit to get a better handle on her carrier.

"You wanted to know why, right?" he asked her as they were finally coming to the city in the clearing.

The female teenager could see the city in the distance, as it came into view with the lights it had. She barely heard the young man's question and he was well aware that she didn't hear him. The lights were as bright as the day. Surely of course the darkness would swallow some of that light, but the street lights would help brighten the path through the busy streets for those that lived there.

Lecra turned his head to the side and looked back at her as they came to a clearing in the city, in this part of the area that he picked to stop at, people didn't pass by due to where it was at. The area wasn't well lit, but there was some light there was enough to see someone's face. He didn't know whether or not to ask her for the request he was thinking of, but he thought it was better to do it quickly, and then it wouldn't make things more awkward than they already were. If he prolonged it he feared that he might lose his chance to get her complete trust, and therefore lose the place to spend the night.

Even if she did feel awkward by the request he had other ways to get her to let him stay at her house, thought he didn't feel comfortable doing any of the things that came to his mind. He would be cunning and tricky if the time came, but he had a feeling that this person wouldn't fall for tricks like that too easily.

He asked Leila to pull down his hood, she was hesitating for a moment, but she pushed her doubt away for that small moment. Her heart was beating fast, and she felt embarrassed since he was still holding on to her. 'He can probably feel my heart beating really fast,' she thought shaking her head slightly.

She ignored what she was feeling and pulled down the fabric that covered the male's face. He allowed a complete stranger pull down the hood he had used to cover his face for the entire time, and now the young man wanted his face to be seen, but as part of a type of contract he had running into his head, and it was at that moment that Leila caught the sight of something, it was a once in a lifetime encounter, something no human would ever encounter, a thing made up of stories, and legends from different cultures. Her eyes were transmitting images of what she saw, her brain was sending off nerve messages to what she was feeling. Nothing in life would have ever prepared her for this, it was happening so fast, she just had no idea on how to react. A kitsune, something thought to be just a legend, or an old wives tale. That was the very thing she encountered, something made up from legends or tales you tell children so that they wouldn't go running off.

In the lighted area the visible features of the fox spirit, or fox demon, as it was called in several cultures, was clearly defined. Again the human just allowed herself to be held by the creature. Her brain was trying to get the body to respond but her heart's feeling kicked in and she just froze.

A kitsune, an animal thought to be wise and powerful, one that could mimic the human figure. Stories have described them as being evil creatures, or benevolent creatures. Many tales would tell of wives being kitsune's who would run away when their husbands would find out their secret, yet they remained faithful, while their husbands did not. A creature considered to play pranks on humans in order to get what they wanted. A spirit considered to be very powerful and almost god like when it reached the last number of tails holding to its god like status.

Leila couldn't breathe, her throat felt really dry as she finally came to the conclusion that a fox demon helped her reach the city. She couldn't move her body, it felt like somehow she was trapped under a spell, whatever it was that the kitsune had done it seemed to work for now anyway.

Her gaze moved up to these pair of fox like ears that stuck out from his dark hair, they replaced the human ears one normally finds on that type of race. The ears caused her to gape more, because of his appearance. The ears were of a dark mahogany color with a brown tinge, and the hair on his head was a tad darker than the ears.

She finally mustered enough courage, telling her brain to send messages to her mouth so that she could speak. The noise that was produced from her lips was very low, inaudible so to speak.

"You can put me down…" she said in a very low voice, almost afraid to speak now. He placed her on the ground as gently as he could, he was feeling a bit responsible by having her act the way she did for exposing his form to her. There was nothing the kitsune could do, what was done was done. There was no other way around it for now. In his mind he hoped that his form would somehow hypnotize her into giving him what he wanted, a place to stay for the night.

Lecra turned around slightly to face her, he noticed she looked a bit afraid, but Leila's gaze quickly went to his ears as they twitched slightly. Their eyes met for a moment, trying to scan the other's emotion, they noticed it was impossible since both of their eyes were of a dark color. He sighed heavily, causing his ears to move down in the sense that he was a bit annoyed.

"You can touch them," he said to her as nicely as he could. He knew that was what the human teen wanted, so he would let her have only just one chance to do that. Hopefully she could overcome her fear of him, he thought this was the way to get her to finally give in to him and just trust him, that way he could get what he wanted from her.

When he spoke she felt that her fear was slowly going away, he hadn't harmed her, but rather helped her, but she still felt a bit mystified. She was captivated by the fact that things like that actually existed. Pushing that aside she took the offer and brought a hand to one of his ears, she lightly touched it. 'It's really soft,' she thought as she then poked it gently. 'Can't say I'm surprised though… Well maybe a little bit. Who the hell am I kidding, of course I'm surprised, heck I'm more than surprised I'm… I'm stunned, or flabbergasted one of those two… ' As she brought her hand down she looked away from his gaze, he stared at her right in the eyes, and she thought back to a point in time when someone she knew had done that to her.

Distant memories of her childhood came flooding back into her once childlike manner formed of that small moment, and she was able to shove them back into the farthest point of her brain. The kitsune was waiting for her to ask why he was being chased, but she didn't look at him. Lecra sighed for a moment and walked around her for a moment, and in curiosity she looked up and at that point her eyes met with his. He finally could tell her, eye to eye, as to why he needed a place to stay.

Lecra began to explain why he was being chased. "A guy caught sight of my ears one day, and now he wants to see my tail, and possibly dissect me once he's done. I was really stupid that day…" he said shaking his head, and putting up his hood again.

Once again he went back and hid his form from the outside world once again. This human teenager, a young girl compared to the kitsune's true age, was the only one who caught a glimpse of the mythical being. It had been decades or possibly less or more than a century since a human being had seen his slightly human looking appearance. His mind wandered for a moment but he came back on track and went back to asking for the place where he could stay at.

"Where's the place?" he asked her.

"It's not that far away." She pointed down the sidewalk the street lights illuminated that path they would traverse upon and from the looks of it, it was a couple of blocks away.

They started to walk down the cement pathway. The city still had life in it even if it was turning dark already. At times cars would pass by, and the kitsune would act a bit jumpy at the sight of the metal transportation. The human became curious at the action but didn't ask why until it started to annoy her. At that point she decided to risk asking the question. Leila sighed and looked at the kitsune, she told him to calm down, but he told her that he had a big dislike for cars. It was at that point a semi truck strolled down the street, and he ran into an alleyway in order to avoid the beam from its headlights. The human, Leila, had to coax him slightly to come back on the sidewalk so that they could finish their little 'journey' back to her home.

In the distance a man watched the young teen drag the young man out from the alley and the man placed a smirk on his face. He started to walk down in the opposite movement of the two teens. The two of them then and there both Leila and Lecra started to walk down the street again a man in the opposite direction came towards them, he stopped in their path for a moment. The man looked at the two of them for a moment. He thought they would be easy prey seeing as how the young man from earlier had to be dragged out from hiding by the girl.

"Is he a friend of yours?" Lecra asked out loud.

"No…" Leila said shaking her head.

The man had something strange in his persona, it wasn't a good vibe just to put it that way. As they started to walk to the side Leila felt a tug on her wrist, someone was holding her back.

"Say, you wouldn't happen to have any money on you?" the man asked, pulling out a switchblade from his pocket.

"I'm broke," she stated trying to sound calm as she tried to pull back from the man's grasp. "So let me go…" at that moment she looked back at Lecra and whispered to him to grab the weapon she had on her back, but he refused.

"Well then we'll just have to find another way for you to pay," the man said bringing his weapon closer to the teenager's face. "It's a shame we don't want anything bad to happen to that pretty little face of yours."

Something in the teenaged kitsune's mind just snapped, and with that he brought the man down with excessive force he tackled him down in a frenzy. In a flash a sprawled body was on the concrete sidewalk, blood lightly blanketed the area. Leila wanted to scream, but her body didn't want to move at all, fear had just finally taken a hold of her body. The kitsune had the man pinned down, the switchblade inches away from the man's face. Leila moved back, regaining control of her movements, and grabbed her weapon just in case the man decided to get up again. Lecra told her that it wouldn't be necessary since the man was knocked out when he hit the ground.

"Are you all right?" Lecra asked looking at Leila.

"Damn retard…" Leila started to rub her wrist for a moment, she had pulled nerve or something trying to get away from that man's grip. She cursed herself mentally feeling a bit humiliated since Lecra had to save her.

He looked at her, and asked her again if she was all right. Leila nodded for a moment, still a bit dazed about what had happened. Another car passed by the area and the kitsune moved back slightly. Lecra decided that he wasn't going to leave the man there on the sidewalk, so the next best thing he could do was put him in the alleyway, there no one would find him for the time being.

The girl shook her head and started walking forward, she heard the kitsune's footsteps right behind her. She was still a bit shaken up from that event and from when she found out her good Samaritan was a fox spirit.

The kitsune walked in back of her, watching her movements for a while. She was the first person who didn't run away or scream, she had been scared, but she worked out the whole thing like a child. Leila went with what she felt, he was a bit glad that it worked out the why he thought it would, since now he found a place to stay the night.

The two of them walked down the street, stopping at the corner of a sidewalk, waiting for the light to turn green. They had to go to the right, and Lecra was a bit reluctant to move but he wanted a place to stay the night, so he did move about. His heart was beating faster every time he saw a car, the noise the engines made were a bit too much for his ears.

Leila looked back at the kitsune her feelings about the whole thing were getting her a bit nervous. Each step she took, it was like the people around her already knew what he was, what she was doing, and her whole being was shaking slightly in fear. The fear was finally going away as she felt the presence of the kitsune. He had finally caught up and there was this feeling of having something like a million ants crawl on the young teenager's back. She moved her head slightly to see him walking and there their footsteps were in perfect sync.

A few blocks away, as people were walking through the city, she pointed to the residence. Lecra looked up and saw the house, it was a plain looking house for where he was standing. He looked back at the alleyway and saw they the area was very close. The kitsune looked farther behind, the area in which they came out of earlier was barely noticeable.

Leila ran up to the steps of her home and pulled out the keys, unlocking the door. The kitsune was in back of her, looking around the area as people would walk by. He looked down for a moment, feeling the stares of people stabbing him in the back. The people there were probably assuming the worst of him and of her, but to the kitsune what they were thinking wasn't even close to the actual truth. Lecra was waiting and while he did that he stared at the small cement pathway that led up to the stairs, while she unlocked the door. He watched her sit down on the steps of her home, with her weapon in her hand.

"What's wrong?" he asked her. "Is the door unlocked?"

"No…" she said shaking her head as he walked up the steps. "Take this inside for me, please." She requested as he grabbed the item from her.

"What are you going to be doing out here?" he asked.

"I'm just going to sit down for a while." She said breathing in for a moment. "I need to calm down a bit."

He nodded and walked up the stairs looking into the house. It was a bit small, which probably meant that she was living by herself as she had mentioned earlier. Leila had told him that there was a basement and that he could put the stuff in there. He went past the hall, and noticed a door that was open. 'That's her room,' he thought to himself. He turned to the left and the bathroom was in full view. The basement was down the hallway, on the same side as her room.

He walked down to the basement, the switch was off to the side, and he stumbled around trying to find the thing. The kitsune held on tight to the weapon Leila had handed to him. He walked down the dusty stairs and found the basement's room. It was dusty full of a bunch of antique items. There in the corner of the room was a cot and a blanket. He placed Leila's weapon off to the side, he took off the daggers that were around his waist, and he prepared himself for bed.

Leila walked back into the house as she gathered her thoughts together. It wasn't everyday that one met a kitsune in the woods. She locked the door and made sure she had her house keys with her, and not like last time where she left them still on the keyhole.

It was cold outside, and she had failed to wear warm clothing. She looked at what she was wearing, it was a black t-shirt, and tight jeans. The weather outside was a bit colder than usual in the city of Los Angeles. She walked to the living room, and looked around, it was a bit bare, but she didn't really care. As long as she had a radio, television, and a video game system in there she was happy. She turned on the television and watched small bits and pieces of programs as she flipped through a couple of channels with the remote.

Lecra's ears moved about catching the sounds from upstairs, he sat on the cot watching the shadows for a moment. He pulled his hood off and pushed back some of the strands of his dark hair, he shivered slightly as he thought about the cold. 'It's to quiet for me… And she's watching TV, and I am kind of hungry…' he thought, his tail wanted to move around badly, but he didn't want to risk anything.

"Fuck that…" he whispered to himself getting up to go upstairs.

In the distance Lecra heard a song from the television it was one of a more self-pitying tune. He could her Leila sing something, but he couldn't make out the words so well. 'Great… She's one of those emo's too, I hope she doesn't cut herself,' he said shaking his head as he made it upstairs. The teenaged girl finished singing her little song and heard the sound of sneakers hit the wooden floor.

"Despite the fact that…" she stopped her little performance and looked at the entrance of the hallway. Lecra was standing there, leaning against on of the walls. Leila was surprised by the fact that she didn't hear him come up so quickly.

"Can I stay up here, I mean… It's kind of lonely down there and well…" he started to walk up to the couch. "I don't want to be alone…" he said sitting next to the couch.

'Well there's nothing I can do anyway, he's already sitting here on the damn floor…' she thought to herself looking at him for a moment. Leila noticed at that moment he had very light skin, you could tell that there was some color in his cheeks. She wanted to say something, but what would you say to a kitsune?

"Are there a lot of kitsune?" she asked looking at him.

He turned around slightly and looked at her for a moment, "Not really we're pretty rare…"

"Have you ever met others like you?" she asked lying on her side, using the couch for a sort of bed.

"Again, we're pretty rare … Kitsune's like to keep to themselves…" he said, his tone was a bit cold.

"Oh…" she sounded a bit hurt, but she ignored it. She didn't know what to say now, the whole thing was rather awkward now. Other people probably would've just thought that the guy was being rather rude, but he didn't know her, and she didn't know him, so to them it was all right.

The two of them were thinking of something to say, but they didn't know what to say. To the kitsune he had so much in his head he couldn't pull out one thing without asking another question, it had been a while since he spoke to humans.

To the teenaged girl she just didn't talk to kitsunes period, it was a once in a life time chance, and she thought that it would be her last time she saw something like that. 'Think Leila, think,' she thought looking around for a moment. At that moment the kitsune couldn't keep his tail still, and he lifted his sweater slightly so that the bushy tail could move around with ease.

She finally thought of something, but it to him it probably would've made him feel like a pet. 'I don't know if I should ask him… I mean he's not a dog or anything. But then again, a fox is a mammal,' she was trying to figure out if it was a good idea.

"Hey, Lecra…" she scratched the back of her head and laughed slightly, " Can., I mean…"

"What is it?" he asked tilting his head slightly to see her a bit better. "Spit it out."' Leila bit her lip, and tried to calm herself down for a moment. Lecra looked at her for a moment and he shook his head.

"Hey… Are you emo?" he asked her in a rather cold tone, as another music video came out on the television.

"What?" she blinked a bit, caught completely off guard by the question.

"Are you emo?" he asked her again, in a softer tone.

"I guess it depends…" she explained, looking up at the ceiling of the living room.

The television was still on, giving off images and sounds of what was on the screen, but no one was paying attention to it, the whole purpose of having it on was just for company. Leila tried to explain to him about the concept of being 'emo' but it was hard to explain it, even to a kitsune.

"Why do you want to know?" she asked looking at him for a moment. "Do you think I'm emo?"

"I heard you sing some whiny music when I was down in the basement." He informed her, the kitsune caught a glimpse of her expression.

"You heard that?" she said sounding a bit more interested now. Leila sat upright and looked at the fox demon, with him leading the conversation.

"Well, yeah…" he said sounding rather embarrassed. "Kitsune's have excellent hearing."

"Like a dog's hearing?" she asked.

"Yeah, like a dog's hearing." He said not sounding really pleased with the comparison.

"Kitsune's don't like dogs, they're scared of them…" it finally dawned on her as she said that, "I'm sorry!" she said feeling ashamed of herself. "I never should of said anything at all, I'm really, really, really sorry…" her gaze was fixed onto the wooden floor.

"You already said it, so there's no taking it back," he said looking at her a bit confused. "But you're right, kitsune's are afraid of dogs…"

"Sorry…" she said looking down again. "I didn't mean to, but I can't take it back now, so…" The ears on the kitsune were rather magnetizing, they attracted a lot of attention, watching the ears move slightly as it caught sound from different places. The human couldn't help but stare, even if it was rude, it was something that couldn't be helped. "Can I rub your ear?" she finally asked.

"What?" his ears moved a bit catching her question. "Wait… Did you just say you wanted to rub my ear?"

"Yeah… Can I? I mean…" she couldn't really find any words to clarify her statement.

'Great, I'm a pet now… But I did ask her if she was emo, but she compared me to a dog. Wait what the hell does that have to do with anything? I might as well, I mean she's letting me stay here, so I might as well just let her, but only once,' he took a while making up his mind.

"Yeah, I'll let you." He said watching her slide off the couch and onto the floor. His fox ear twitched slightly at the contact with the human's hand. He moved in closely moving his head slightly so that he could get into a better position. 'It's really relaxing…' he thought growling in happiness for a while. Lecra was getting a bit too comfortable, almost leaning his head on to her shoulder.

"And then… We stop." She said pushing him back a bit. "Are you okay?"

"Huh?" he broke out of his daze, and looked at her for a moment. "Oh, yeah I'm okay." He rubbed the back of his neck for a moment. "Sorry…"

"That's okay… Hey have you ever talked with anybody else, besides kitsunes?"

"Well I mean this is the longest conversation I've had that lasted more than a couple of sentences, it's been 5 years." He said thinking back to that day.

"Wow…" she said looking interested, at that moment though the conversation was interrupted by the sound of a growling stomach. "You're hungry…"

"No duh, genius…" he said, Leila's stomach growled too. "Hey our stomachs are talking to each other." He was able to get her to smile a bit.

"Oh, I got leftovers in the fridge and some pizza from this afternoon…" she started to ramble about the food she had. "I think I'll make myself some coffee though…"

The fox demon had already beaten her to the food, she could see him in the kitchen, it was across the hallway. He looked inside the refrigerator and pulled out some slices of pizza.

"Oh, I think the milk's gone bad!" she said calling out from the living room.

He looked at the white milk carton, and shook it a bit, he heard the clumps hit against the carton, and some liquid sloshed inside of it. He made a face hearing what was in the contents of the milk.

"Now unless you treat your milk like you treat your cereal, you want me to throw it away, or do you want the prize that's in your milk?"

He could hear her laugh, and he took that as a no. He smiled for a moment, the good thing was that no one was there to see him smile, he didn't like smiling in public, or rarely when he was a lone, that's just how he was.

The human teenager heard some beeps coming from the microwave, and then an item was tossed into the garbage pail. She kicked off her shoes and walked into the kitchen looking at him for a moment. His tail was swaying to the side, and she wanted to grab it, just for the hell of it, but she contained herself, and her child like thinking.

"Emo… You think I'm emo, don't you?" she heard him mimic the tune from earlier, and he laughed at her. "Very funny, fox." She said making a face.

"But are you?" he asked her, taking out his pizza from his microwave.

"Yes… I am." She said going to the metallic kettle and pouring in some water. "But, I'm a different kind of emo." The stove was lit and the kettle was placed over the flame.

"Dwiffwent?" he asked, the pizza was in his mouth.

She nodded in response and looked at him slightly, blowing up her cheeks. He stuck out his tongue at her, and the term 'sea food' was used for that. Leila started to express amusement for a moment, before the kettle was whistling like crazy.

The coffee soon became the light brown, creamy, liquid that one sees in espresso bars, and the aroma filled her nose, and the kitsune's no doubt about it. There was a rather peaceful moment when food was always brought up. Food, it was the only thing that got them to connect better than before, the two of them just sat there near the table. It was fairly lit in the area. They didn't care if they ate in the dark, so long as they had food.

"You know what I've noticed, people always get together when there's food around… I mean, for humans, like you, they'll forget all about their problems when there's food around. You even use food as a source of comfort." He said taking bites in between his little conclusion.

"It's like that for everyone… You guys probably do that too." She said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Hey…" she looked up at him. "This is the longest conversation I've had in 9 years." He didn't sound too proud of that.

"You don't like being around people that much, do you?" the human asked looking at him for a moment.

"It comes with being what I am…" he said biting into his second slice of pizza.

"I've noticed something, you kitsune's, you guys are all right." She said sipping her coffee for a moment. "I mean I thought you guys were cold or mean or something like that…"

"So, just because we're kitsune, it makes us cold, or mean?" he asked, sounding a tad defensive.

"No, that's not what I mean!" she said whispering slightly. "I mean, I have a better understanding of why you act the way you do… Never mind…" she stopped talking, she wanted to withdraw back into her little shell.

"I get what you mean." He said reassuring her. "Oh, yeah thanks for letting me stay here."

"You're welcome…" she said in a rather soft tone. "But, if I'm not being rude or anything, why did you decide to come here, and help me?"

"Well… I needed a place to stay, and I'd feel bad if I left you there all alone… The place I was sleeping at last time, I got shot there…" he said pulling up the sleeve from his right arm, the scar was clearly visible.

She poked the area of the scar, and looked up at him for a moment. "You got shot, when you were sleeping?" she raised an eyebrow.

"…" he sighed and brought his sleeve down. "There was a drug deal going on by the area, and I didn't want some stupid deal ruining my nap, so I punched one of the guys out, but the person who was dealing the drug nicked me with the bullet."

"Oh, that makes more sense now." She said sipping her cup of coffee. "Are you going to be leaving in the morning?"

"Yeah," he nodded sitting back in his chair.

She leaned over the table, and rubbed both of his ears for a moment. She heard him growl, and his tail was swaying a bit to the side.

"You like that a lot, don't you?"

He smiled at her, "It's relaxing," he informed her.

"You look cute when you smile." She said, not really trying to get him riled up.

"Don't call me cute." He said watching her sit back down on her chair.

"Fine, I won't call you cute, agreed?" she said sounding a bit defensive herself.

"Hey… Can I come back here once in a while?" he asked her.

"I guess so…"

"Please, I… I need a place to stay, and you could have protection in return." He begged her.

"I don't want anything in return, you can stay here, just as long as you behave yourself."

"Yes!" he said sounding like a little kid. "Anyway…It's dangerous around the area we came out of, have you noticed that?"

"Until recently, it wasn't like this before…" she said thinking about it for a moment.

"Drug dealers, robbers, anything, I want to help you out, I mean I don't want anything bad happening to the house here…" he said scratching the back of his head.

"And here I thought you wanted to protect me." She said laughing. "I'm just kidding, but yeah I like this house, so I don't really want anything bad happening to it.

Lecra was trying his best to fight off the sleep that was starting to creep up on his body. Within moments though the kitsune was no match for sleep, and he started to doze off.

"You can sleep on the couch…" she stopped and looked at the slumped body, his torso rested on the body. 'Does he like sleeping like that?' she thought to herself for a moment.

She ended up clearing the table, then having to go down to the basement, pull out the blanket from the cot, go back up stairs, and cover up her guest with the blanket. Sleep was starting to take a toll on the human's body, and she found her self falling napping for a second on the kitchen chair. 'I can't even make it to the living room,' a yawn escaped, and within moments the kitchen table became a pillow.

The night passed by as it always did, the stars were shimmering, and soon the moon was beginning to fade out as the sun was making its morning round. The first light hadn't even reached the home, and the kitsune woke up for a moment, looking around the area lazily. He sat up, and looked at the blanket on him, he was in a daze for a moment.

The fox demon got up and looked around for the bathroom, and finally found it after trail and error. He had stumbled into her room, and saw it was a bit untidy, by that he saw her laundry on the floor. The bathroom was plain looking, with blue tiles on the side, acting like little borders. He was just interested in finding that mouthwash, and again, he opened up a cabinet with something he shouldn't have seen.

He closed his eyes, and closed the cabinet, he shuddered. 'I'm so glad I'm not a girl!' he thought after finding the mouthwash. He did what he had to do, and walked back into the kitchen. Leila was still asleep, and he thought about leaving at that moment. He grabbed the blanket and covered her up in it, so she wouldn't get cold.

"Please, don't leave…" she muttered in her sleep, and he heard her.

He sat on the other chair, opposite of her, and just looked at her. The kitsune felt something, but he couldn't really illustrate what it was he was feeling. 'Butterflies?' he thought, squinting his eyes slightly as he began to think about the feeling.

The light was starting to come up, and it lit part of the kitchen. Leila stirred from her sleep as the light was starting to hit her face just a bit. She opened her eyes, yawning for a moment. The teenaged girl looked up and saw the kitsune, just sitting there, looking at her.

"You… You're still here…" she said rather groggily. "I thought you would've left by now."

"I didn't want to leave without telling you goodbye," he said getting up and heading to the basement to get his stuff.

She took the time to fix herself up a bit, and brushed her teeth in the bathroom. She noticed that the mouthwash was out of place, and she thought for a moment. 'Could if have killed him if he put it back?!' her mind was complaining.

"Leila…" he called out to her, he had his stuff ready.

She poked her head out of the bathroom, with toothpaste running down her cheek. He motioned her, with his finger, that she had something on her face. She cleaned her face, and walked out of the bathroom and walked to the door.

Lecra patted her on the head and smiled at her slightly for a bit.

"So then… Until next time?" he asked her.

"Yeah, you know where to find me." She said opening the door to the outside world.

"It's going to get lonely…" he said feeling a bit remorseful for her.

"You get use to it…"

"That's right, you're emo." He said messing up her hair a bit.

"Ha-ha…" she said rubbing his ear for a moment, he moaned for a moment.

"Stop…" he whined, moving his head away.

"Someone's sensitive…" she said teasing him slightly.

He hugged her, and she smiled for a moment, he didn't want to let go, but she dropped her arms after thirty seconds. The whole thing was awkward.

'It's early in the morning… It'll look weird if someone saw me come out of a house in daylight,' he thought for a moment.

"Hey, Leila… Can I stay for a little bit longer today?" he whispered in her ear.

"S-Sure…" she stammered slightly, looking up at him.

He closed the door and looked at her for a moment. "Looks like I'm here to stay for a while." The kitsune gave a small smile to her, it was a sincere smile.

"Great…" she said sarcastically. "Do I have to feed you again?"

"I had money the whole time…" he said poking her forehead.

"Now you tell me!" she said swatting his finger away from her forehead.

They walked over to the living room, and sat on the couch watching the news. Leila noticed that the man from last night had been caught, and Lecra was starting to ask if any one saw him last night.

"No one saw you…" she said.

"You think so?"

"Yes…" she said looking at him slightly. "Don't worry… Just keep a low profile and you'll be fine."

"Keep a low profile?! A low profile?!" he yelled out. "Having a tail and fox ears don't count for keeping a low profile!"

"I'm sorry…" she said looking down, withdrawing back into her shell. She didn't say anything for the remainder of the time. "I just…"

He looked away from her for a moment, and tried to think of something to say. Lecra didn't mean to yell at her, but he was being paranoid.

"I know what you meant…" he said getting up off the couch. "Get up…"

She looked at him a bit confused, but did what she was told anyway.

"Hey…" she asked him, "why don't you let people call you cute?"

"Because I didn't train to get strong, just to be called cute…" he said looking at her for a moment. "You're kind of short…" he pointed out, now that she was standing.

"I understand, but it's just a word…" she said shaking her head slightly.

"I'll make you a deal then," he said picking her up. She was taken a back, her stomach churning slightly, he picked her up carefully, so as not to let his claws get into her flesh. "You can call me cute, but you can't say it in public… I was right you are light."

"But that's not right, I agreed I wouldn't…" she tilted her head slightly and had a confused look on her face. "Why the sudden change of heart?"

"You really want me to answer that?" he said, he didn't plan on putting her down anytime soon.

"Yeah…" she nodded for a moment. "Hey, am I really that light…?" she said to herself.

"It's because…" he didn't know whether or not he should say it, but it was aching in his heart. Something was in there, and it wouldn't leave him alone. The kitsune placed her back on the ground, and just held her for a moment. The human was in shock, and her body was trembling with all sorts of emotions. "I really like you…" he said whispering it into her ear.

"I…I-that," she had no idea what to say. Leila pulled back slightly, a lot of things were going through her head. She looked away for a moment. "Out of all the people in this whole city… You picked me… In a day…"

"Technically, it's two days…"

"I won't lie to you, but I'm not good at saying things like this… But," she opened her mouth, "I… I really like you too." She said feeling embarrassed.

"All I'm asking is that you don't lie to me, Leila." He said kissing her on the cheek.

"This… Is awkward, really, really awkward…" she said looking at him. The kitsune ended up pulling her down to the couch. "What now?"

"Well just stay here for a while, and wait…"

"Wait?" she asked.

"Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall…" he said mimicking the whole little rhyme.

"Hey… Heck no, don't sing it!" she said shaking her head.

"Ninety-nine bottles of…"

The just sat there for an hour, watching TV, like if nothing happened. Lecra did keep his distance from her, they didn't do anything for the remainder of the time. At one point though she sat next to him, and he placed an arm around her, just so he could mess up her hair.

"You think we can stay like this for a while?" she asked, sitting next to him.

"That depends… I mean I like the peace I have right now, just being here, but when I go back outside, it's different." He said. "I haven't gotten into a fight for a little while…"

"That's what you're thinking about?"

"I mean… You know… People pick fights with things they don't understand."

"Yeah… That's true…" she said watching the TV for a moment. 'I'm glad you stayed…"

"Why is that?"

"Because… You're nice to have around."

He smiled at her, and she was able to catch him smiling.

"I can call you cute, right?" she asked him again.

He nodded to her.

"You look cute when you smile."

"I do?" he asked.

"Yeah…" she poked his cheek for a moment. "You should smile more often, at least once more would be enough for me."

"Yeah?" he placed a hand under her chin, and brought her face closer to his. "I have something better though…"

"Hey!" she moved back, but Lecra ended up pinning her down to the couch. "No, no, no, please, Lecra…"

"It's not like I'm going to do you or anything…" he said letting her sit up. "I wouldn't hurt you, you've been too kind, and I can't do that…"

"I know that… But I don't kiss guys I meet on the first day."

"Fair enough…" he said nodding. "But I'm not a guy, I'm a kitsune."

"Yeah, that is true…" she said giving a small smile.

Lecra pulled her close and looked at her for a moment. He didn't understand what it was what he was feeling, but he didn't want the feeling to leave him, it was a very pure, clean feeling. If there was one thing he was sure of, it was that he loved the feeling he had right now. Out of everything he had encountered in his long life, feelings like this made it all the more to live fully. With time came age and wisdom, but he never understood the heart, the demon's nor the human's heart.

It was a very complex emotion, love, lust, like, a crush. The words were all very different from one another, but it was easy to get them confused, for any race of species, humans, werewolves, kitsune, vampires, almost anything imaginable.

With a quick movement he moved closer and closer to the human girl's face, and she in response drew back. The human would never admit it but she was afraid of him, just because of the fact of how he looked. His appearance was like the moon, it wasn't too pale, and it held a sense of awe and confusion.

Without anymore distractions, Leila moved further and further away from him, but he was able to keep his clawed hand on her back. He was very gentle with his movements, like he had mentioned earlier he didn't want to harm her. She had nowhere else to move now, and without warning she felt something warm lightly brush against her lips, the human pulled her head back and the kitsune, the fox spirit, noticed something on her face.

"You're blushing…" he said laughing at her for a moment.

"Shut up!" she said covering her face. "I hate you!" she was embarrassed.

"Aw, how cute I made you blush. See when I say cute it sounds like a good thing." He was able to pull her hands away from her face.

"No, when you say it just sounds mean…"

Lecra cut her off and placed his lips on to hers. His lips were on fire compared to hers, they were cold, almost like ice. He loved the cold feeling he received from her, it was like a drug, but he could quickly feel her lips warm up. It was very rare when he felt like this, he hadn't been like this for a couple of decades, and yet he had quickly opened to her. The kitsune pulled her closer to him, feeling her heartbeat against his chest. His senses were starting to go crazy, yet at the same time he held on to his sense of human control. She never once at that moment pulled away, yet she was too afraid to place her arms around him, as if not to upset him or do anything wrong.

"You're so sensitive…" he finally whispered pulling away from the kiss. He pushed back a couple of strands that came into view of the human's face. "At least I got you to shut up for a moment…" he said, she knew he was joking of course.