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Part 3


Alex and I had a great time for the next few hours. We played a couple small board games that just so happened to be in the room, Updated some stuff using the Handheld PC I keep in my bag, and played a few pranks on the dude in he other hospital bed, who slept the whole time I was there, except to go to the bathroom and such. Alex keeps referring to him as "Ogdenworth", but I would only guess that it's his last name.

When visiting hours were over, I said my goodbyes to Alex, assured him a million and three times that I would take care of his Micro, and that he need not worry about anything. "I'll go tell your parents you're here too. Worried or not, your parents should know where you are. You may have tried to seal up where you were over the phone, but they really should know." He had a smile on his face, but you could tell that he was faking it, or at least trying to think what good it might do to actually tell them, compared to what he told me earlier. This made me consider going straight home, but I made up my mind along the way and appeared in his front yard.

The house was quiet. Too quiet. Crickets chirped in the grass and bushes nearby. Being the environmental science freak that I am, I was able to estimate the current temperature using the crickets' chirps. Seventy degrees Fahrenheit. And on a nice day in May, too. I slowly, but steadily walked up to the front door, and rang the doorbell, along with three knocks. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I peered into the window. Gone. Everything was GONE.

I opened up the door, finding it unlocked, and looked around. I found a light switch on the wall and flipped it. A lone bulb flickered in what was once the living room. I walked up the stairs. An eerie creek followed my every footstep. Finally getting to the top, I turned to the left. There's Alex's room, I thought. I opened the door and turne on the lights. His room looked untouched. Nothing was missing. Nothing was broken. I decided to take this opportunity to fill the backpack I brought with me to pack up his more valuable items. His laptop, notebooks, and money were of these things that I packed. I also looked for a key. No, not a key to the house, a key to the electric scooter Alex has in the garage. That is, if it was still there. I went down the stairs and through the kitchen, opening the door to the garage. Good. His scooter is still there. I packed the AC adapter in my bag, opened the door to the outside, and rode off on the scooter, never to go into the house again. Or so I thought.

(end Scott's POV)



"You're kidding with me, right?" I was talking to Scott through the phone on the stand next to my bed.

"Nope. They're gone, dude. Your parents or their furniture can't be found. Looks like they got all their stuff and high-tailed it outta here."

"What about my stuff?" I asked, "Is my stuff still there?"

"What? Oh, yeah, that's still here. I managed to get the valuable stuff and your scooter. I'm riding on that right now."

"Good. Hey, I have a question about that adoption thing you were telling me about."

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, you see, I'm without a home now, and seeing you're parents are looking into adopting someone…"

"Dude, just no. Wait until your parents are actually declared missing and you have the actual papers to prove it."

"Seeing as how you described the house to me, I'd say they're missing right now! C'mon, Scott, I need a place to stay. Even if they don't adopt me, I'll be fine. I'll even pay rent!"

"You know there's no way in hell my parents would agree to this! They know you too well to adopt you, or even let you stay with us! They're looking for someone who's… new."

"Like, someone they've never met before that lost a house or something?"

"Yeah, like that. The only way they'd take you is if they didn't recognize you." This suddenly gave me an idea.

"Just leave that part to me."

(End Alex's POV)

Alex had a plan. But he needed to move fast. His surgery was tomorrow morning, and he had no time to sit and wait. So he got up, and got into the wheelchair that was provided for him. They provided it for him so that he didn't collapse on the floor after being in that bed all day, leg muscles weak. He started to roll down the hallway, looking through the open doorways for a certain room. There it was. Room 645b. The room with the maniacal crazy kid. He rolled in, seeing that the kid looked better than he did, was sitting upright and was watching some foreign soap on the television. The kid turned his head. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah. Aren't you that crazy kid from before that was whacking himself in he hea with charts and yelling something about the British?" Alex took a breath and waited for an answer.

"The boy gave him a bit of a strange face. "Oh. That. I forgot to take my medication is all. If I don' take it, I get all riled up, and the ADHD I have makes it even worse. But I'm sorry for anything I might have did."

"It's okay. I'm here because I need your help."

"MY HELP? No one ever needs MY help! What could you possibly have that you need MY help for? Are you here because of my photographic memory?" Alex then whispered what needed to get done in his ear. "So you want me to do THAT?"

"Shush! Keep it down! If anyone else hears you, my plan is toast! I just need you to do this for me, okay? I promise I'll pay you a couple visits here and there when I get out!"

"Fine," the boy said, "You have yourself a deal."

"Good. I'm going to go back to my room. Use that photographic memory of yours to find a chart with that exact text. Then I want you to mix it up with mine. But you have to be sneaky about it. I don' want a nurse finding you and giving you one of those sleeping shots, or whatever they call them. But it has to be that EXACT text. Got it?"

"Got it," the boy said.

"Oh, and one more question. Why are you even here at this hospital?"

"They're in the middle of doing tests one me. They think that when I don't take my medication, that I get schizophrenic or something."

"That's all I needed to know."