The Meeting

"Hold still," Envy muttered, sowing one finger onto the broken girl. She was beginning to stir, Envy's earlier bargain with Death bringing her soul to her body, and tieing it to his.

"Where am I?" She said, eyes slowly opening.

"Hell," he replied simply, swatting her squirming body before picking another finger up.

"What are you doing?"

"Pulling you back together."


"I don't know." Once realizing that, he was slightly scared that he didn't know. "No more questions!" He declared quickly, "just let me finish stitching you together."

"Just one more," she whined. "What's your name?"

Blinking, as he didn't know that either, only what the others called him. Blushing, he replied, "I don't know...just call me...Envy I guess."


"Now sit still, or I'll land up hurting you." She nodded, watching his careful hands move along hers, pulling her together.

"Why don't I hurt right now?"

"Last question, simple answer. You're dead."




Envy the sin from hell. His body was made from other peoples body parts. When he wants it, he steals it.

Abigail dancer girl. Died from a jealous competetor beating her to death in a jealous rage, and than hacking her into peices.

This is where Envy has found her after her death, and is pulling her back together.