You were standing in front of me

Together we waited for the sun

You were always kind to me

You helped me when I needed you

But today

You're not here anymore

And today

Life just isn't the same


My demons from the past

Are haunting me again

Oh, how I never got the chance to say I was sorry

For all the wrong things I did

If only I could turn back time

I speak all the words left unspoken

You promised me you'd grow up to be good

You were always there in the morning time

It still feels unreal to me

That you're not her anymore

And right now

Nothing seems real at all


I might have to face reality


Now it's too late

For everything

No mortal has the power

To undo the past mistakes

I hope you hear me

Singing this song

It's my sorry


But deep in my heart I know

And I can see you

Saying those three words

"I forgive you"