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Misty Memories

"This isn't funny," I said as we started walking again, Damien guiding me the whole way.

"It's not supposed to be," Dominic said coolly. Was he born without a funny bone or something? 'Cause seriously he has no sense of humor.

I don't know how long we were walking for, only that I was getting tired, and I would really like to see again. I also don't think this is the test, it's too easy, but I really hope it is. Eventually we got to some place, I don't know where. Damien walked me to a certain point, and told me not to move. Like I would. I can't see anything!

"Alright, were at the test site," Dominic started. Darn, so that wasn't the test, "Now, all you have to do is go through this obstacle course."

"So I can take off the blindfold?" I asked.

"No," Dominic said with a laugh, "me and Damien will tell you what to do, when to turn, when theirs stairs, when theirs inclines and declines. You are going to rely completely on mine and Damien's instructions. You will not use your hands to find your way around." No-o that's practically impossible. Wait, scratch practically, it is impossible. "Now just start by walking forward."

That seamed easy enough. I took a step forward, and a couple more. Then, out of reflex, my hands shot out to find something to hold onto. Big mistake. Someone grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged by backwards. Something, it felt like a hand, collided with my already hit cheek, and then my other one, followed by a punch to the gut. That was probably Dominic, Damien doesn't punch.

"Now, try again," Dominic said in a forced patient voice. This went on forever. Their was so many turns and twists, and stairs, and hills, and everything. And if I used my hands so much as to get my balance, I was given more 'reminders.' Slaps, and punches mostly. By the time I got through the course once without needing my hands I was pretty sure my cheeks were overly bruised, that my stomach probably was, and their was probably lots of bruises on my arms. Not that it ended after that. I had to go through the course again, and again, and again until I could go through it everything without my hands, relying only on Dominic and Damien's commands.

Finally, after how knows how long, I was led away from the course, and after who knows how long of walking we stopped again. This better not be another test. It wasn't, thankfully. Instead Dominic untied the blindfold; I had to close my eyes immediately after words. The little light that came through the trees was too much after not seeing anything for that long.

Once again both Dominic and Damien grabbed a hold of my arms and started to walk home, keeping up with Dominic's super sonic speed. "What did you learn today?" Dominic asked as we were walking.

"That wearing a blindfold for a long time and then taking it off hurts the eyes," I supplied brightly. He let go of my arm long enough to slap me on the back of the head. "Alright, alright. That it's painful not to trust you two."

"And are you going to trust us?" Dominic asked. Again didn't I already?

"Completely," I said, not really paying attention anymore. When we hit the edge of the tree line they let go of my arms; thank goodness.

"Hey Pixie!" Damien taunted, "Beet you home!" and he set off running.

"You didn't give me warning!" I yelled running after him. Dominic, who always thinks himself above such behavior, walked calmly behind us. Of course, Damien won. He always does. He's taller, and faster then me. He's given me head starts and still wins. "Not fair!" I gasped out as we headed toward the 'secret' door to the actual part of the house.

"You two go first," Dominic said, "I'm going to stay up here for a bit."

"Ok, see ya," I said dashing down the stairs. Making sure to be quite, I'm not quite sure if Mom and Dad are finished work yet. The smell of food, told me they were. "Hey Mom."

"Hi Patricia," Mom said. I winced; I really really hate my name. I like Pixie better. She looked over, her brown eyes darkening in the light as Damien followed down behind me. Her eyes weren't darkening at him, but I think she saw the bruises. "What happened to you?"

"Lessons," Damien answered for me; which I could have done on my own; and slide past me to go to his room.

Mom's face softened, "Did you learn lots?"

"Ya," I said sinking into a kitchen seat, "that even a little bit of light hurts after having a blind fold on for so long. I was reminded how hard Dominic can actually punch. And trust. Personally I thought I already did trust them. And you and Dad."

"I know sweaty," Mom said stirring her pot of what looked like stew, "but all trust must be worked on. Even if one thinks it's at maximum capacity. Now where's your brother?"

"Damien?" I asked, "He just went to his room. Dominic is upstairs."

"Oh honestly," Mom huffed putting the lid on the pot, "he knows better then to stay up their. She opened the door and marched up the stairs. I heard the upper door open, and, while I was trying not to laugh, she yelled out, "Dominic Marcus Piplin! You get down here right now!"

"Coming Mom," Dominic's voice replied, and Mom came back down the stairs.

"Honestly! It's bad enough your father lets you three hang around up their at night, but during the day, when anyone can see you! What is he thinking?" Mom said, more to herself then to me. Dominic came down the stairs and shut the door quietly behind him. "Now you go straight to your room young man! I will not have this nonsense around the house! Go now!"

"Yes Mom," he said and half sulked, half walked to the hall that leads to the middle floor and the bedrooms.

"Patricia, be a dear and set the table please," Mom said going back to her stew, adding in some vegetables.

"Sure Mom," I said getting up, and went to the cupboard to get the plates. I had just finished setting out the glasses when Dad came upstairs, probably from taking a shower, his hair was wet. "Hi Dad."

"Hello Patricia," he said, after giving Mom a kiss, "I see you had a lesson." I nodded, "That's very good." He turned to Mom, "Where are the boys?"

"Damien went to his room," Mom said without looking up from her bubbling pot, "probably to read again. And I sent Dominic to his room; he was upstairs in the daylight!"

"I'll have talk with him," Dad said sitting down at his spot on the table. I was glad I wasn't Dominic at this point, Dad likes to talk with his hands; painfully loud too.

"Patricia, go get your brothers, dinner is ready," Mom said.

"Dominic too?" I asked jumping to my feet and headed to the hall where the stairs where.

"Yes dear. Now go," Mom said. I quickly slipped through the door, down the hall; passing the living room, sacrifice living quarters, and the bathroom; to the stairs. On the second floor were the bedrooms. Mom and Dad's first on the left, Dominic's first on the right, Damien's second on the left, and mine second on the right. Their was four more empty bedroom in case the gods told Mom and Dad they needed more children.

"Dominic, Damien," I said loudly, "Mom say's to come up for dinner."

"'M not hungry!" came Dominic's response as Damien poked his head out of the door to look around before stepping out.

"Fine," I shrugged turning around; he can be a real stubborn jerk at times; "but Mom will be so disappointed if you don't come." I know that will work. Damien dashed in front of me and up the stairs. Dominic was quickly out of his room saying something about changing his mind, he was hungry after all. I tried not to laugh as I walked back up to the main first floor and slipped into my seat. Damien sat next to me, and Dominic across from Damien. Mom and Dad were, as always, on opposite ends of the table.

"Good you're all here," Mom said ladling out the stew for everyone. All was silent as Dad said the two and a half minute long prayer that he say's every meal, thanking the gods for our food, for the sacrifices that they could sacrifice to the gods, and that everyone was safe and sound in the family. Long winded, that's what it is.

"Dominic," Dad said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes Dad?" Dominic asked looking over at him.

"I heard you were up stairs today," Dad said.

"Yes," Dominic said, "you let us go up their at night. And during the day we are allowed outside, so why can't we be in the 'up stairs' during the day?"

"Because it makes your mother uneasy," Dad said forcefully. I stared into my stew as I ate it, pretending not to here it. "At night no one will notice three or more people in a dark house if everything is dark. When your outside during the day you're always in the forest so no one can see you. Are you trying to upset your mother?"

"No sir," Dominic said quietly, even he's afraid of Dad.

"Well you have a funny way of showing it!" Dad barked, "Now while your brother and sister go out tonight," I looked up, shocked, "you will have to stay here. We will have a longer discussion about this."

"Yes sir," Dominic said again.

"Going out?" I asked, "Were going out?"

"You and Damien are yes," Mom said, "you remember our last sacrifices?" Oh, them. They were annoying. The girl was a very dumb blond; even though it was obvious she died her hair. And she was uptight. She sat very still at the dinner table, hardly touching her plate, unless Dad threatened her. And she had to hear a question who knows how many times before she would answer, and the answers would be, 'Like, totally no! Like I am so not like going to like tell you. You're like, so totally like annoying.' And the guy was crying! A twenty something year old guy was crying! Crying like a baby. The big wimp.

"Yes," I responded to Mom.

"Well they have been sacrificed today," Mom continued, "and the needed organs to perform the rest of the ceremony have been removed. You and Damien will go out tonight and look for a spot to put their useless bodies."

"Great!" I said. I loved doing that. It's the only time we ever get to leave the area of our land.

"Now Patricia," Dad said, "you listen to Damien," I nodded, why wouldn't I? "And both of you remember the rules. Don't touch any of those unclean beasts out their, don't talk to them. Don't even acknowledge their existence. Is that clear?" We both nodded.

"A Patricia, don't forget to put on some cover-up over those bruises," Mom said, I nodded; lessons weren't to be shared with the rest of the world. "And both of you wear long pants, and at least three quarter sleeve length shirts, and gloves. And hats! Preferable all black," all our clothes are black any way, "and don't draw attention to yourselves." We nodded.

"So when do we go?" Damien asked.

"After the sun sets," Dad said. I looked over at Damien who smiled, this is going to be a great night.

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