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Misty Memories

I was almost giddy with anticipation by the time the sun set. I had on black pants, black runners, a nice black shirt that ended in fingerless gloves; Mom's greatest clothing creation yet; and a black baseball cap. Damien was wearing his usual, black denim pants; I personally hate denim; a black hoodie, black leather gloves, and a baseball cap. Mom wanted to give us sunglasses as well, but gave up when Dad told her that wearing sunglasses at night would only draw attention to us.

"Now remember," Mom said for the millionth time, "don't touch anyone, don't talk to anyone, don't spend to much time in one area, and don't go to close to any light."

"Mom," Damien said, "we know."

"And be careful Dominic won't be their to protect both of you," Mom continued.

"But Mom," I protested, "I'm sure Damien is able to protect both him and me." I decided not to add that I could protect myself."

"I know," Mom said hugging us, again, "it's just this is the first time you two have ever gone off without Dominic or your father or me."

"They'll be fine Mary," Dad said, "now go! Before it gets too late."

"Yes, go on," Mom said giving us one more hug each.

"Don't worry Mom," Damien said, "I'll keep a close eye on her." He rested his arm on the top of my head.

"Bye Mom, bye Dad," I said waving at both of them, "we'll be home soon." We managed to get away and up the stairs before Mom could come up with another thing we have to be careful off.

"You know, she's not like this with Dominic comes with us," I said as we ducked out the front door. Their was no porch lights or lights inside, so no one could really see us.

"I know," Damien said, "she's just used to all of us being together. Besides, we can't always be together."

"That's true," I said as we started on the sidewalk, "and I don't see why we need Dominic hovering over us every moment of every day."

"Hey hey hey," Damien said, "if he ever leaves you'll miss having him hover." I rolled my eyes, "Besides, according to Dad he has the right to because he's 'older' and has been with them the longest." I just shook my head. "So, we have a good couple hours to kill, anything you want to do?"

"Well we do have a job to do," I said looking around briefly.

"Well after we," he paused, "finish it, we can do something for a while."

"Fair enough," I said, it did make sense, we are hardly ever allowed to go anywhere. The problem was finding a place 'worthy' of putting their useless bodies. Every place either of us suggested had either been done before or the other didn't think Mom or Dad would approve. High on the list were the garbage can, under a light post, up a tree, in front of a plastic surgery place; my idea for the blond bimbo; and in front of an office building.

"Were never going to find a place," Damien growled. The streets were pretty much empty, which was good, even though it was only seven thirty. Gotta love that winter night time.

"Sure we will," I said, "how bout over their?" I nodded toward a playground, "They can go on the swings, and Mom and Dad can have them holding hands."

"Now that," Damien said slapping me on the back, "is a great idea Pixie! Let's take a closer look." So we did. Damien climbed over the small trip wire high fence; even though it was about up to his knee's, and held it down for me to climb over. The park wasn't closed, their were still people around on the jungle gym, and the monkey bars; but mostly some guys on the basketball court. Come to think of it, I don't think parks ever close.

"So how do we test them out?" Damien asked, as he circled all four of the swings like a vulture, "'Cause frankly I don't think they look strong enough to hold any weight."

"Simple," I said grabbing hold of the metal chains keeping the swing up, I put my feet on the seat part of it, and jumped a bit, "This one's good," I said, "It doesn't wobble to much." I did the same with the other three, all but one tested to be strong enough.

"Great," Damien said, "now what do you want to do?"

"Go home," I said, stifling a yawn.

"Already?" Damien said with a mock pout, but still headed toward the street again.

"Hey, your older," I said defensively, "truthfully you can decided where we go. But I, being the younger sibling have full right to tattle on you when we get home."

"You wouldn't?" Damien accused holding down the fence again for me to step over.

"Wouldn't I?" I asked in mock surprise.

Our conversation was cut short by a little voice going, "Mommy! Mommy! I found her! Mommy I found her!" and then something hitting my leg. I looked down to see a six year old boy hugging my leg, and smiling up at me. I looked over at Damien, uneasy; he looked that way too. I started to twitch my leg, trying to get the little beast thing off my leg.

"Ricky!" a voice said, followed by a lady in her early thirties to late forties, "How often do you have to be told, you can't just go off hugging random people."

"But I found her Mommy!" the boy, Ricky, said. "I really found her this time!"

"And you've said that about all the other girls too," the lady said crouching down to look her son in the eye. I looked at Damien, this wasn't good. I shuffled over to him, the boy still clinging to my leg. Both of us moved our caps down a bit to cast further shadows onto our faces. One thing I would like to say though, GET THIS THING OFF ME! Damien put his arm around me protectively; with good reason too, do you relies what's hugging me?

"But Mommy! It is her! It has to be her!" the boy said.

"Ricky," the lady said warningly, then looked up at me and Damien. "I am so sorry about this. His sister went missing a couple years ago, and he taken it into his head that all teenage girls are his sister." I don't care, just get it off me! Damien tightened his grip on my shoulders and pulled me toward him, the lady was still prying Ricky off my leg. After a few minutes he had finally let go of me. Damien then turned away from the two and started to walk away; his arms were still around my shoulders so I was forced to go with him. Not that I didn't want to go with him, but I am in shock here!

"But Mommy," Ricky was whining, "I know it's her."

"Richard Marcus Salk I am fed up with this!" the lady said, "If you don't quite doing this you will go back into counseling!"

"Damien," I said tentatively as we got closer to the house, "that wasn't good."

"No it wasn't," Damien said, "Mom is going to freak."

"You just had to tell me that didn't you?" I mumbled as we reached the house and Damien opened the front door. When Mom freaks out, she doesn't let that person out of her site for two weeks just to make sure their ok. And when that person; usually me; is finally allowed to be normal again, she is worse at going over rules and safety procedures, even just to go to the woods.

I opened the closet door and tip toed down the stairs, Damien behind me. After opening the other door I looked around it and saw Mom, Dad and Dominic sitting at the kitchen table talking. Mom and Dad looked normal; but Dominic had a black eye, swollen lip, what looked like blood that had been wiped away from his nose, and other various bruises. I slide into the room, when Damien tried to push her into it.

"Oh, your home! Finally!" Mom said rushing over to hug us both, at once.

"Ya," Damien said, "and we found a good place for them. The swings at the park about half an hour from here. The two farther from the road are the strongest."

"Ya," I said ducking out from Mom's hug, I leaned in a whispered in her ear, "but we have to burn these pants."

"Why?" Mom asked looking at me quizzingly.

"Because a little boy randomly hugged my leg, going 'Mommy! Mommy! I found her Mommy!' It was creepy," I said shuttering, "and his mother kept telling him I wasn't whoever he thought I was. He thought I was his sister."

Mom gave Damien a cold glair and said, "And what did you do during all this?"

"I tried to pull her away from the little monster," Damien replied, "and his mother pried him off Pixie's leg. But, for the record, we didn't say a thing to them."

"Well that's a relief," Dad said standing up. "Patricia, go with your mother to get those pants burned and any possible contamination washed off."

"Yes sir," I said taking off my cap and headed toward the stairs, Mom close behind.

"Damien," Dad said, "I have to talk to you and your brother about something important." Hey! What about me? Why can't I know important stuff? Wait, I know, I know, I'm just the little sister, I don't need to know anything. I would have tried to stay by the door to listen in, but Mom was right behind me, shooing me down the stairs to the bottom floor.

And their you go. A little twist. Ricky was so cute in this chapter though, he really believes Pixie is his sister (but only until he see's another teenaged girl who he can run up to and hug and go 'Mommy! Mommy! I found her Mommy! Mommy look! It's her!')

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