A letter of love

Sometimes it's hard to trust who you are

To be content within yourself.

Cause no one seems to accept

And it's being overlooked

And it leaves you feeling misunderstood.

You have so much to say

And you give.

But still they don't seem to see.

'Take a look' you want to scream.

There's more than what you see.

If you peel away the layers

You would be surprised

But yet even if this were so.

Would it satisfy?

Would it fulfill you?

Probably not.

We need to take in the reassurance of our Father.

He loves us

Values us

And accepts us.

We weren't made to fit in.

We were made to stand out.

And this is why we are viewed differently.

Yes we may still at times feel ostracized

But perhaps this is a Blessing in disguise

Maybe our stories

Can help someone else.

After all that's what we are here for.

Let Your Father love you

Let Him Draw you close.

Cause really at the end of the day

It's more than enough.