Just Me The Blood And The Floor

I need not to worry

I need not to care

cuz soon I will die

But apperently so

is not soon enough

I feel lonely

I feel Depressed

I feel the hatred

half untold

My heart is burning

and I am hating

Every breathe

Every word

Every song that spills from thy lips

Inflicting pain on oneself

Lets you punish urself?

Lets you Distract the pain in one self?

whatever it does...

It makes me feel better

It makes me feel at ease

When my troubles are rolling down in the form of a red liquid substance..

I feel sleepy..

I feel weak..

I'm forgetting everything

My troubles...

My worries...

My hatred..

My pain has gone numb

I fall to the ground

I fall very hard

The liquid red substance surounds me

While i'm in a blur

I close my eyes

If I i could never wake up...

The pain

I start inflicting myself again


Again and Again

The salty wet tears aren't rolling no more

I'm still there.

Lying there on the floor

My heart is not beating

nor fast

and nor slow

the Breath that I loath so much is not coming in or out

The songs I won't sing

The words I won't say

Just me the blood and the floor