Ch. 2 Saturday, the day of Prom

"Madison, Bob, they're here," her mom called.

Tala and Honoo rode back to the house, it was seven-thirty PM and it was time to leave for prom. Tala did not wear a dress and Honoo did not wear a tuxedo, Tala wore her hoody and sweat pants, and Honoo wore his T-shirt and holey jeans. When they arrived at their house they ran up a staircase that led to the back deck, where they were meet by their mom. She was about five-foot tall. She was very slender and, for her height, long legged. She had short black hair–short enough that it looked liked a man's hair–and her eyes were a blue so dark that they were almost black. She was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. She stood looking at them with the smile of a proud mother seeing a child grow up, after all this was their senor prom. "Mom, we love you too," said Tala seeing the smile on her mother's face. Tala and Honoo hugged and kissed their mother goodbye and ran through the house and as she ran through the front door, Tala grabbed her dark grey satchel that had her book, her sketchbook, paper for writing, and her billfold. Their dad was talking to the rest of the group who was sitting in the back of a big, black truck. His jaguar was off playing with a cat that was bigger than a horse, it was black with a white stomach and legs, but its feet were also black. Its ears were like the ears of a bird, being concealed under its fur.

There was a large lizard standing near the truck watching the two cats play. Its head was about a foot higher than the truck. It was a dark brown and its skin was like the skin of a catfish, smooth and not scaled like most reptiles. It looked very much like a small wingless dragon. Its slited eyes glowed a dark, almost black, red. Honi's wolf stood beside the truck watching Tala's wolf. "Hey Dad, having fun?" Honoo asked walking up beside their father.

"Why yes I am son. Got a problem with it?" he replied with a completely serious face.

"Yes Dad, I do. You can't have fun with my friends." Honoo retorted with an equally serious face.

"Well, I–"

"Oh you two are so immature." Tala interrupted as she threw the satchel in the bed of the truck and jumped in after. The other people in the truck were Honi and two Indians; both had black hair and brown eyes. They both wore tight, brown leather, sleeveless shirts and shorts, and tough, brown leather boots with arrow heads embedded about an inch from the top of the boot. The male's hair was in a braid and came down to right below his shoulder blades. He had light blue wavy tattoos on his face that look very much like wind, he had two vertical black lines about three inches apart running from right below his chin to his shoulders and two horizontal black lines that went from one vertical line, around the back of the neck to the other vertical line, the horizontal lines were about two inches apart. On his right arm, below the shoulder was a black "strip" that went all the way around his arm, under the strip, were small, upside-down triangles, and also starting under the strip was a gray tattoo that covered the arm and hand completely. There were black lines all over this area that made it look like rock. On his other arm were dark blue wavy lines that looked like water. On his left leg were yellow-orange tattoos that look like flames–not the flames you see on cars these days but they actually looked like a fire. On his other leg was a green vine with black thorns. The twins and their father saw huge, white, feathered wings. He had been the one to give her the bow. The female's hair came down below her bottom but she had two strands that came to her stomach. She was wearing a pair of black leather gloves that came half way up her upper arm. On her right arm, half covered by the glove, was a tattoo of a brown lizard, on the other arm was a tattoo of a spider. On her right leg above her knee was a tattoo of a black wolf head and below the knee was a white, feathered wing like that of a bird, on her left leg above the knee was a tattoo of a tiger head and below the knee was a black, dragon-like wing. There was also a tattoo of a snake that started on her back under her shirt and went up to coil around her neck, it went up her chin and into her mouth, then it came out of her left eye and under her nose and went up where its head ended right below her right eye. She had been the one to give Tala the quiver and arrows. It had been the chieftain of their tribe that had given her the deer skin.

"US IMMATURE," her father said an outraged look on his face. "I'm not the one who has mud fights."

"Yes you do, we had one last night after supper."

"Well . . . well . . . well you're the one that started it."

"You just can't resist temptation can you?"

"You know I can't." he said with a smile.

"Cara's in the other truck, right?" Honoo asked jumping in the truck.

"Yep they're waiting for us at the beginning of the road," replied Knoton1 (the male Indian).

"Good, I don't want to be riding the whole way with my little brother," Tala stated.

"Your little brother?" Honoo glared at her and flames flared around him.

"Yes, my little brother."

"We're twins, we're the same age."

"Yes but I came out first."

"Who says?"

"Mom, and she would know, she did push us out of her–"

"And you call me immature?" her dad interrupted, shaking his head. "Ya'll should get going."

"Yes I agree," replied Honi. He stuck his head in the back window of the truck and the engine started.

"See ya later Dad," said Tala as she stood up and leaned against the hood of the car.

"Bye guys" their dad said backing away form the truck.

"Bye Dad," replied Honoo going to sit beside Chu2(the female Indian). As the truck drove off the huge cat left off playing with the jaguar and started shrinking, as it shrunk it grew dragon wings and its black fur grew lighter and its white fur grew darker, when it was done shrinking it was about half the size of a newborn kitten. Its markings were opposite and its white wings were about twice the size of its body. It flew up to land on Knoton's shoulder. When they got to the end of the road the truck stopped beside another big black truck that contained one girl and two couples. They, like the twins, the Indians, and Honi, were dressed casually. Honoo jumped from one truck to the other. "Hey Cara," he said to a young red-headed girl that was reading a book call Into the Labyrinth, and she was very sucked into it, "how've ya been?"

"NO!" exclaimed Cara, her eyes growing wide as she brought the book closer to her face and her knees up almost to her chin. Her hair was back in its normal braid and she had on a head light so she could read. She had bright green eyes and her face was extremely freckled. She was wearing a grey hoody that had a picture of a black dragon, and worn, brown, leather gloves. She had on holey black jeans and Tala and Honoo saw a beautiful gold and green dragon standing, its shoulder coming five feet above the top of the truck, behind her watching her protectively, and the twins also saw a dog with silky black fur and liquid brown eyes stand up, and comforting, lick her hand, and although she could not really see the dog and there was no way she could have known about it she relaxed a little and the dog laid back down at her feet and went to sleep.

"I bet I know what part she's in," Tala said looking at the book and realizing she was near the end. She had already read the Death Gate Cycle series and now Cara was barrowing the books from her. "I don't think you going to get her out of the book for awhile."

Honoo looked down at her for a second and agreed with a nod. He turned and leaned on the hood of the truck as it started up and followed Tala's truck. As they were driving Tala watched the lizard and the two wolves run beside the truck, and Honoo watched the dragon fly about a hundred feet above the truck and he watched a stag bound behind the truck and an albino hyena sitting at the feet of one of the girls in the truck. He also saw the black, feathered wings of the girl that was sitting huddled against the side of the truck reading The Gandalara Cycle I, and the white, bat wings of the guy read over her shoulder.

When they got to the school Tala and Honi jumped out of the truck and ran inside. When they got to the desk they asked when the senior walk was, found out it was at nine o'clock, and left. They jumped back into the truck and went to Kabuto's for dinner. When they finished eating they went to a few book stores, bought books for themselves and each other. Tala got a few novels and a few manga books. They went to a craft store where Tala bought a bottle of India ink and a quill pen for her drawings. After this they realized they had twenty minutes left till senior walk so they went back to school. They got there just as they were announcing to the seniors to line up for senior walk. They ran in got in line, they went through, got pictures, and left. They walked around the mall, getting candy, clothes, books, and other things. The twins, Honi, the Indians, Cara, and Seraphim (the girl with the black wings) entered a drawing contest, Chu and Seraphim tied with first, after which came a tie breaker where Seraphim just barely came in first. They had a reading contest to see who could read fastest, in this, Tala came first, right before Cara, who finished the chapter about half a second after Tala. After this it was about two in the morning so they headed home.

While they were on the way home they drove on a double lane road, so the trucks were side-by-side and the passengers were yelling back and forth to each other. While they were talking–well . . . yelling–they didn't notice clouds building up in the sky. Then they all heard a train like sound and when they turned around, there was a huge tornado behind them. That's got to be an F4, thought Tala immediately thinking of the movie Twister. Honi and Knoton stuck their heads in the windows of their trucks and told the drivers to step on it. But the trucks were no match for the wind driven tornado. The trucks were sucked up into the tornado and Tala was sucked out of the bed of the truck before she could grab anything.

She spun around and around, keeping her body in a tight curl. She lifted her head to see a huge tree coming right toward her. She reached out and grabbed a branch and pulled her self into the tree, deep into the branches. She wrapped herself around a large branch as all around her smaller branches were snapping in the wind. All of the sudden she heard big branches breaking behind her. She turned around to see a cinder block flying toward her face. She turned and tucked her head between the tree and her body, she heard the cinder block slam into the tree. It bounced off and hit her back, knocking her off the tree.

When she recovered from the blow she realized she was in the center of the tornado, it was beautiful, like nothing she had ever seen, it was something that could only truly be seen in real life, not on TV or a movie, not in a picture, but only real life. She felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and every thing went black . . .

1 Knoton- Indian name meaning Wind (Ka-No-Ton)

2 Chu-short for Chu'mana-Indian name meaning Snake Maiden (Chew)

(Not sure if the pronunciations are correct but it's how I say them if I learn the correct pronunciations I will update)