- "I love you, Ami…" courageously breathed Isaiah through a perceptible zealous whisper. "Your beauty is like the sun – vibrantly exuberant at dawn and even more so ludicrous at dusk."

A single breath escaped both lips –a breath in unison of the love shared. Even so, while the maiden's smile shone forth, her beauty ever so more present in this moment than ever before, she, too, audibly declared her position.

"When I awaken at the dawn of day I give thanks to God for giving me one more day, but also for creating you for me. He fashioned you for me – and the same for you," whispered she. "Jesus, His son, has given me salvation; and God has graciously given me you… there is nothing else I need in this life… I have it all."

Not only you, my love. Everyday I thank God for giving me a woman as beautiful as you – inside and out. Isaiah stared into her eyes, taking in the wonderful warm, golden color of her skin. There was no rejecting the contentment he felt when with her – he never felt this with anyone else.

Amitola loved the way he looked at her, peering through dark lashes of zeal and infatuation – those brown eyes of his penetrated to her very soul, her intimate being to the innermost core of her form. Our hearts beat in sync, as if they're conjoined as one organ, not two different ones. -