By: Umbreon-Azure

Red, fresh,

Springing up from a gash

In pale skin

A crimson tide.

The bitter, salty taste

The heavy, metallic smell

A red drop

Sliding down the skin

A drop of liquid ruby

Leaving a trail of pink in its wake

Staining everything it touches.

It gives us life

Flowing through our veins.

Oozing its way through even

The minute nicks in the soft warm skin.


Red as the sunset and sunrise

Red as the ruby and garnet

Red as the juice of cherries and strawberries


Red as unadulterated anger

Red as pure malevolence

Red as the fiery passion which can burn within the heart

Red as strong desire.


When a vessel opens

It wells up from the cut

A little red pearl

Sitting on the freshly broken skin

Feeding off the pain.