So many times,

I wish I would die.

I pick up the blade…

And prepare for the darkness to engulf me,

But something stops me.

It's that smile I remember,

And the promises I made.

That smile was his,

How could I forget that day.

I can't take it anymore,

I can't take this pain,

And I just want it to go away.

I'm sorry,

I can't keep this promise any longer.

As each day comes and goes,

I become a little more insane.

I'm cutting myself now…

To try and forget his smile,

But all it dose is dull the pain

I'm sorry,

But I'm leaving you now.

I know I'm being selfish,

But I can't take this any longer.

His smile has faded,

And the promise is forgotten.

The memories are still the same,

And the scares still remain.

I know good-bye is forever,

And forever it shall be.

So once and for all,

I say good-bye.