Rising of the Rebellion

A different land, a distant day

A little girl had come out to play

A rushing sound and a burst of light

Her day soon ended, too late for flight

The people shielded their eyes and turned

Away from a lesson still unlearned

Under a spell and under control

Their ignorance took a nasty toll

A very rare few admitted the truth

Even with plainly visible proof

A downtrodden girl, an injured boy

Power abolished all of their joy

Someone stood up and began to scream

Mind open to truth, heart free to dream

The time had arrived to make a change

The battlefield, a withering range

Prairie grasses a half a man tall

Hidden traps and a long, nasty, fall

Collapsing an empire centuries built,

I feel no shame or a sense of guilt

Deeds of persecution, hate, and crime

Are running rapidly out of time

From corpse filled pits our foes retreat

Vultures feast on the enemy's meat

Roses trailing upward through the mist

Warriors beneath them Death hath kissed