That Girl

Tears sting behind her eyes,

but she won't let them fall.

She won't let you see her so weak.

She's so helpless without you.

Her crimson blood drips

from the tips of her fingers.

Each drop falls to the floor

like the tears she cries every night alone.

She screams; the sound is deafening.

You still can't hear her call to you.

Living without you isn't hard enough,

there you go with that other girl

who worships the ground you walk on.

She sees you, happy with her,

and she wishes to be that girl.

Her broken heart isn't hard enough to deal with,

you walk past her every day with that girl

attached to you like a leech.

She smiles sweetly, pretending not to be hurt,

while she pulls her sleeves down so you won't see the scars.

Once you're gone, she falls to her knees, sobs and screams.

Living her life isn't hard enough.

You shatter her heart and grind it to dust,

you blow it away into the darkness.

You don't see the pain she's going through.

You can't see her tears.

She takes different routes to avoid you,

when she used to plan her paths to find you.

Now you're gone, without a word,

not a thought about her.

You're too busy with that girl.

You're too busy with your girl.