I can still remember, she was just a young one,

Only Thirteen, but she was dressing like Twenty-One

So beautiful,just ask anyone

But this girl's story is a long way from done

This girl, was always looking for fun

But what she found, was much closer to none

Got Caught up, with the wrong guy's son

Now her troubles, they weighed over a ton

With a twinkle in her eyes, she thought she was in love

And then she saw his car pull up with the dubs

Without a second glance, she quickly climbed in

Nobody could have guessed what she hidin'

So he as took her on the long trip

From his drink, she took a little sip

And then her mind began to slip

Into pure unconscienceness

What happened next

We can only truly guess

As all that was left

Was a piece of her mangled chest