Dazed by Jewels

Eyes wide in fear, a small girl quickly took refuge in a bush as two long lines of soldiers marched forwards in perfectly coordinated steps, swords drawn and held straight up in front of them as they headed towards the village she had just been banished from.

A boy near the end of the lines that could only be 2 or 3 years older than her age of 8 caught the gleam of her white face in the darkness of the bush and looked her way, and she pulled her head back as fast and quietly as she could. She closed her eyes and stopped breathing, praying that the boy would only think it was shinny leaves in the light of the full moon that had drawn his eye. She heard no one stop, and no communication between soldiers about a little girl hiding in bushes, so she carefully let out her breath and cracked her eyes open. She was greeted by the view of the glass like river that bordered the other side of the well worn path that was the only safe way in and out of her town.

She stepped out of her bush, snagging the hem of her many times larger than she brown dress and tore a bit off. She sighed and went the way that the soldiers had come from, just as the first dogs of the town began to bark at the intruders.


As she silently walked down the road a boy hidden in the bottom branches of a large tree watched he. He watched the girl he had seen hiding in the bush calmly walk away from her life and family, and as she began to pick up speed, her calm walk turning into a full on run a the soldiers began to knock on doors. He watched a single tear fly away behind her and a sparkle like a diamond in the dark light.


Hello all, this is a really short chapter, and there may be some other chapters like this, but the excuse for this one is that it is the opening, and it is very hard to have a long chapter to open the story.

If you wouldn't mind, please tell me if I should continue the story! I'll probably do the next few chapters anyway, but if nothing comes in then I'll stop...:) Thanks