Chapter 4

"Ameli, do we need to get your eyes checked by master lorgnette?" whispered Monica to the girl beside her.

"What are you talking about Monica? Of course I don't have to go see him, I just got my eyes checked last week..." said Ameli

"Come on Ameli, you said that Sargent Guillaume was handsome"

"He is"

"No, he's not"

"Yes, he is, and you know it"

"He so is not,"

"Just last night we where talking about what type of man we wanted" said Ameli, her voice no longer a whisper.

"Shut up Ameli"

"No really, remember what you said? Nice brown hair, looks like he actually fits his clothes, young, but older than you, broad shoulders, slightly tanned..."

"Ameli, shut, up"

and I bet his eyes are beautiful to, people say that they are very dark blue, exactly what you wan-"


"And now father shall start the prayer service" came the voice of their teacher. Monica breathed a sigh of relief after looking over at the man at the center of their discussion, as it appeared that he was deep in his own discussion with a red dark blond haired boy. Getting an evil idea of her own Monica whispered to her friend.

"Speaking of attractive Ameli, that man beside him isn't half bad, he looks like he popped out of your imagination..." Blushing profusely Ameli retaliated.

"Monica, hold your tongue, I'm to be married at the end of the year! Anyway, he's not all that great"

"Now your just being silly Ameli, he looks exactly like the picture you drew last week, then stuck on your wall across from your bed..."

:Monica, hush, he'll here you!"

"Oh, settle down Ameli, it's not as if he can hear me over father boring here, and look, they're talking as well, though a bit more quietly than before".


"Why are we here again Ben?" asked a bored Diamond Sargent "We don't even have a chapel at home".

"Why is that anyway?" asked Benjamin, also known as the Ruby Sargent.

"...we would never we're not religious...are you ok Ben?"

"Oh, yes, yes...of course" said ben absently. Guillaume followed his best friends line of sight to the girl sitting beside the brat that had laughed at him.

"Ben, buddy, you've gotta be kidding me, any girl that is friends with such a brat as the one beside her cannot be a very good target for your affections."

"Yeah, I know, but she is just so pretty, her face is perfect, her hair looks so silky, and I bet she smells great"

"Ben, she's a maid, she probably smells of dust and rancid soap, the same as our maids smell, and our sheets...and our clothes... and everything else that soap can possibly be used on"

"Aww, come on Guillaume, don't be a spoil sport"

"I'm just protecting you you know"

":I will take a leaf out of your darling sisters book and say this 'whatever'"

"That doesn't even make sense"

"Yeah, I know, it just seemed to fit"

:"Where did she get that anyway?"

"We're not sure"

"This sermon is really boring"

"Yeah, it is."

"Why are we here again?"

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