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a/n I thought this might be a good change because most of the stories about MCR are about girls that fall in love with one of the MCR guys and it has a happy ending and I love these stories but I just want to try something else.

I finally made it! Slaving away at the deep fryer at the local McDonalds finally paid off. I was here. My two best friends stood beside me as we heard a loud familiar voice play over the speakers ,and the spot light randomly swerved around the large room.

"We're sorry to announce that My Chemical Romance will not be able to make it" a strain tugged at my stomach, as I began to feel nauseous. The acrid smell of smoke and beer filled my nostrils. I grabbed for my friend's hands and clenched them tightly. "but give a round of applause for the Black parade!"

The crowd erupted with screaming and clapping. Al three of us threw a fist in the air, with a scream of relief. The back doors slammed open and a massive group of characters, I recognized from the Black Parade album cover, paraded in. Lead by none other then the boys of My Chemical Romance.

Half way through the concert and I was running low on energy, from all the singing, screaming, and moshing. But I felt so alive! I let out a loud scream, and looked over at my friend to my right. A small knowing smile played across her sweat beaded face.

A slower song started to play, and small lights flickered from the crowd, ad Cancer began. The friend to my left pulled out his lighter and the other pulled out her cell phone. The crowd swayed from side to side as the chorus played. We took each others hands, and squished through a pack of teens, all dressed in black with long black hair. I felt shamed knowing that in my school these kids would probably be called emo or gothic. We pushed our way to the stage as the song ended.

"This one's for you babe" Gerard said looking at where I stood. My eyes grew wide, and the feeling of being drunk settled in, till I heard screams of "oh my gosh he's so sweet" behind me. I turned to face a tall woman with long black hair with red tips, and bright blue eyes. I recognized her from pictures I've seen. This beautiful young woman was Gerard's girlfriend. She smiled at me brightly before letting out a wild scream. I turned around. Tears threatening me. I took one last look at the man I had been obsessed with for so long, and realized He's in love. I guess I knew in my heart he would never go out with a fan, but I only dreamed.

I turned and ran. Past the woman I envied so much, past the pack of teens, and right out the doors. I slowed down as I felt the cold January air nip my nose and the tips of my ears. I fell onto to curb, my vision blurred. I sat quietly as my tears streamed down my face. A small sob escaped my mouth. I heard a loud crash as my two friends launched themselves out the twin doors. They came and sat next to me. Pulling my blonde hair away from my face, and putting my head on one of their faux leather clothed shoulders. And I noticed for the first time since I stared listening to the life saving band, I openly cried.

a/n ok so I know this might not be the best, but its how I always feel. Please don't start throwing a fit about me saying Gerard has a girlfriend, because I'm not really sure if he does. Please don't leave any nasty comments. This was my first MCR one shot. R&R!