I remember when my entire hand,

Could curl perfectly around your thumb

When I could cry in your house

That smelt of oak.

I could rely on your homemade ice cream

To cheer me up and cool me down

I remember pulling my shirt into a pouch

So I could carry back as many nuts I could find

To your garage to watch you twirl the lever

Cracking them in half and helping me pick out the shells

You'd clam we'd break even

But I always knew the last one was mine.

I remember you watching from your lawn chair

As I jumped in your garden

From rock to rock

And you'd act mad if I fell on a flower

Then smile with such warmth and laugh

You'd make the sun jealous

As if you were mocking its power

Letting it know even though it was the center of the universe

You were the center of the little girl it burnt

I remember stepping on your toes

As you'd take my small hands

So I could dance and sway

I'd kink back my neck

To look up at my hero


You'd kill your back

To reach your hands to my level

And kiss me on the nose

I remember combing your hair for hours

While wearing your fishing hat

And listening to you complain

About how I could never get it right

Then you'd grumble and put back your comb in your pocket

I'd crawl off your shoulders and on your lap

I'd curl into a ball so I could drift to slumber

In mid-nap I'd dream of you never leaving me.

I remember sitting on the swing outside

Listening to your stories of war

Carefully taking in each word

And asking questions any little girl would

I remember the smell of your car, it was even older then me

But it still smelled brand new

Because you "knew how to take of things"

Was the reply I would always get when I wondered aloud

And I still don't know how it stayed so nice after 5 generations

but I know it's because of you

I will always remember what you did for me

And how you were always there when I thought no one else was

And I can't bear the though of you gone

I know I'll be able to look to the sky

And know you saving a place for me

And how you raised and entire family

With the sun bowing to your feet

But most of all I will always remember your love

How you always made sure I knew

That you loved me unconditionally

Like the best man in the world that you were, would

RIP Great Grandpa
I love you.
You raised me well
There is no man I would trade in the world to be my dad

Even if you weren't my father, you were my dad.

I love you, and miss you.
(RIP March 1st, 2007)