by Queen of Sarab

Chapter 7

Briar felt more alive than at any time in his life.
The strength that filled him, that he could feel flowing through his veins
like a drug, was a power beyond anything he could have imagined. He could
lift a building above his head and not even feel it. If someone worked out
constantly their whole life they wouldn't even feel a fraction of
this...this sheer power.
But the thirst was greater.
It was a need he'd never experienced before. He imagined this was what a
person who hadn't eaten for a week felt like. He needed blood. NOW.
He sat up straight in a dark room. He vaguely remembered it from when he'd
woken up to drink Chastity's blood, but barely. He glanced around him
hungrily, eyes lighting on Raven's still figure in a chair nest to the bed.
In an instant, hunger, power- all forgotten. Raven was his world.
She was asleep now, but he could see her stirring, close to consciousness.
Briar's head whipped around to find the source of the voice. A tall, lean
young man with a head of black curls and glacier-blue eyes like Raven's
stared back at him evenly.
"I was, I mean- when I first woke up," the boy continued.
"Who...I mean, wha..." Briar stuttered stupidly.
"Darion," the boy replied. "Raven's brother." Darion studied Briar for a
second intently, then continued. "She loves you. Alot. It's why she changed
you. But I felt like I had to warn you- it's not all power like it seems.
Sometimes it just plain sucks. Literally. It's hard, you know? Watching
everyone around you die, never being able to get close because if they found
out...well, I guess you know that." He took a breath. "My suggestion? You
and Raven get as far away as you can. From what I've seen, you'll both be
happy as long as you just have each other. You're one of the lucky ones.
Don't let that go."
Briar nodded stupidly, at a loss for words. Darion handed him a styrofoam
container. "Brought you some food. You seemed like you might kinda prefer
not attacking people- I know Raven does." He started walking out the door,
then turned. "Take care of her, ok?"
Mind reeling, Briar pulled the top off container. He didn't feel any
disgust at the blood inside.
He just felt hunger.

One week later
The cashier in Art 'n' More couldn't help thinking how much he would love
to draw the two strangers. The girl, with her icy blue eyes and ebony hair,
was the perfect picture of beauty, and the boy, whose soft brown eyes and
sandy hair provided an incredible contrast to her, seemed the ideal figure
for artistic expression. He glanced at his watch casually. 9 o'clock. Almost
closing time.
The darkened sky outside seemed more menacing than usual somehow, and the
cashier shivered. He glanced at his watch again, pointedly, and the couple
took the hint. As soon as the bell rang on the door, signaling their
departure, he hurried to lock it. He could see them climb into their car and
drive off, somehow mesmerized by them.
He stood watching several minutes after they disappeared from sight.