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Roll The Dice, Take A Chance

By: starZdestiny

Summary: Five special teens, one elite private school, and a secret that must never leak out...we'll let fate decide what happens next!


Maya Sakurada. Age :16. Location: on the way to Heritage High

The music from my iPod blasted in my ear, playing a song by Candia Gold. UGH! So not my thing...

Who am I? I'm Maya Sakurada and I don't consider my self to be of any nationality. By birth, I'm Japanese but I grew up touring the world. My father, Kyoto Sakurada is a famous archeologist and was also the person who brought me up. My mother died when I was 2…or so I was told! My only family was my dad and my brother, Jake, who left for college last year. My dad decided that moving around, which meant home-schooling for me was the wrong thing to do, so he was sending me to an elite private school called Heritage High…even the name gives me creeps. He was now driving me there. Like I could 'socialize' with a bunch of dumb girls who wore too much make-up! I knew what private school girls were like, a bunch of dumb bitches with nothing better to do, apart from gossip and pamper themselves. Yeah…I was so gonna love it at Heritage High.

Then there were the uniforms…I mean I thought schools encouraged individuality and self expression? How could we do that if we had to wear the same clothes as everyone else? I really don't know, the only thing I know right now is that I really don't belong here. Just because I've never been to school doesn't mean I haven't had my fair share of "bitch-encounters". Every party my dad takes me to have a number of snobs who don't know anything apart from make-up and boys! Anyways, I have another reason to be different! You see, I'm a junior agent at this organization which basically deals with international crime. There, I'm known as Mai. I always wear a cat mask when I'm on a mission, so no one knows my true identity, except for a few people at the agency. Its called g8 and I have no idea what it stands for. I work by myself, but I heard they're gonna give me a partner soon.

Well, we're here! At Heritage I mean. Well, the campus is big, really big and the glass building in the middle is the main school building I think. The other two buildings must be the dorms…Well, no going back now that we're here! Hopefully I'll survive the school year and besides G8 is always something to look forward to!

Dad dropped me off in front of the building on the left. A lady standing there asked for my name and then gave me my room number, all my stuff had already been taken there and the only thing I had was my back-pack. Taking a deep breath, I walked into the building looking for my room. Hmm…surviving school would be no easy task, but I guess I have no choice but to stick with it!

Cameron Li. Age 16. Location: in his car, on the way to Heritage High

Great! Another year of trouble at the nation's most expensive school. It sucks to be the son of the woman who owns the largest shoe company in the nation, Footfly, even though most kids would love to be in my shoes. Okay, so the company was my father's originally, but after he died, my mother, Jasmine Li took over the business.

Everyone has all this expectations for me…my family, friends, teachers…its so hard doing things the way THEY want it! I have my own dreams too but that doesn't ever matter, I'm the son of Jacob Li and it's expected of me to be number one at everything. For once I'd like to be free to do what I want, be who I wanna be. But of course, I was born as the Li heir; I'm their only child and the only heir to the entire fortune.

Right now, I'm on my way to the elite private secondary school I'm supposed to attend A.K.A Heritage High. I know the name is gay and all but it's a pretty good school, the only problem is I wanna go to a normal school. Of course, I am one of the most popular kids there, but mostly because of my parentage and also the fact that I'm the school's number one soccer player, even though I'm just starting third year. I'm one of the jocks, unlike my cousin Eric Redington who has always been on the weird side. Usually, people group him with the nerds because he gets good grades, and because he wears glasses…which have a navy-blue frame. Sometimes, even his hair looks navy blue…especially if he is out in the sun. Weird…Real Weird! We look nothing alike, I have dark hair which is more like a really dark brown and my eyes are brown as well, my mom describes them to be the color of chocolate. I'm supposed to be a picture of my dad… Eric is a cousin from my mother's side and is originally from England. Well, his father is. His mother is mom's younger sister so she is half English, half Chinese. My dad on the other hand is also half English, half Chinese which I guess makes me that as well. We also go on trips to Hong Kong regularly because most of my mother's family stays there.

Speaking of mom, she was coming with me to school today, which was weird because usually our butler from China, Wong, took me to school. In fact, the last time my mom took me to school was when my cousin, Ming Ling came to stay with us for a year. That was back in 4th grade…she came to stay with us because my grandmother was sick and her parents went to stay with her. She is one of my favourite cousins…apart from Eric of course! More like a sister to me than cousin…we always hang out in summer. Her parents used to live in England as well…before grandmamma got sick! Now they live in Hong Kong, with the rest of the original Li family.

We were here at school. As usual, the front area was packed with students, we stopped in front of the boys' dorm and I got out, kissed my mother goodbye (thank god none of the guys saw this…) and walked into the building. Mr. Krest stood at the entrance, handing out room assignments. I grabbed the piece of paper and checked the name. Wow! My room-mate was Eric…last year I had Kent Krestino who was a total nerd and didn't even let me sleep. I quickly made my way to room 103 and dumped my stuff in there. By the look of things Eric wasn't here yet…too bad! I paced the room for awhile, savoring the tranquility. I was always around people here at Heritage so the peace was rare. Its usually the opposite at home, I'm by myself because I'm an only child and my mother is seldom home. How I wish I could be like everyone else…

The grass is much greener on the other side!

Kasha Francis. Age 16. Location: On the way to Heritage High

My boredom was killing me as the ride to Heritage High A.K.A the school for snobs was drawing near. My driver, Lazio stopped at a traffic light as I finished typing an e-mail to my cousin Kris who goes to a special school for athletes because she's an awesome gymnast…how I wish we went to the same school like we used to in elementary school. I mean very few people at Heritage are actually friendly, everyone has their own cliques and I'm one of those "over-achievers" who have a million extra-curricular activities and are in the student council…I was the class president last year, as well as part of the year-book committee and the school newspaper not to mention a few other school clubs, mostly academic ones.

I'm not one of those pretty and popular girls everyone looks up to, that's for sure! That's why my new year's resolution had been to make a better effort at making new friends, of course, not the popular girls, better referred to as bitches at Heritage High. They reminded me of my so-called mother, who was a superficial woman who liked to believe she was 'well-bred' and for years she had forced me to follow her stupid rules. She had wanted me to be a pom-pom waving beauty with no brains whatsoever. It didn't help that I was blonde with blue eyes. Also my real name is Natasha Olivia Francis, but people usually call me Kasha because it sounds more exotic. Well, the people I like call me Kasha but my dearest mother refers to me as Tasha and my grandmother calls me Natasha.

Contrary to the popular belief, I'm not an only child. I have an older sister named Alyssa Marie Francis but everyone calls her Allie, including mom. I call her Lyssa though, because it sounds much better to me. My parents, sister and I live in a huge mansion in Vellemarse, one of those towns full of snobby rich people, so you can't blame me for wanting to get away from it all. I just want to get away from all these superficial people who think about nothing but themselves. It's a pity really, I have spent all my life wishing I were somewhere else and somehow, I felt things would finally change. I had a good feeling about this school-year; I could smell changes in the air. Flipping my blonde hair out of my eyes, I stared outside at the scenery. We were getting nearer to the school so I un-plugged my laptop and put it back in its case. Most of my belongings had been shipped to the school early and so, I only had a few things with me. Well, I guess it was one of the advantages of being a rich brat…you didn't have to do any manual labour. Besides, the staff at Heritage didn't really care much about us students, the administration just cared about the millions of dollars they were making from our parents who were under the impression that if they spent a whole lot of money on their kids, their kids would turn out great. Well, most just turned into spoilt brats…as they say, money is the root of all evil. Well, we're here!

The car stopped in front of the girl's dorms. I got out along with my hand luggage and headed into the familiar building. Ms. Carnally, the supervisor, handed me my room assignment. My room number was 111 and my roommate was a girl named Maya Sakurada…interesting. Her name sounded Japanese and something told me she wasn't your average rich brat. Yup, that change I smelt in the air was working its magic.

Life at Heritage High just got a whole lot more interesting. Looks like all that excitement I wished for might just come to me. Of course, I shouldn't have forgotten the all important saying, "Be Careful What You Wish For".

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