Roll the Dice, Take a Chance

By: starZdestiny

Summary: Five special teens, one elite private school, and a secret that must never leak out...we'll let fate decide what happens next!

Chapter One: In a Moment Everything Can Change

The rays of sunlight shone brightly as Maya opened her eyes, waking up to the sound of her alarm clock which read 6:05. Today was the first day of school and had been allocated for the back to school assembly after which students were free to do as they wished as long as they stayed on campus. Jumping out of bed, she switched off her alarm clock and looked at the bed on the other side of the room where her room mate was fast asleep. Kasha had been an interesting person and Maya had found an instant friend in the helpful yet fun girl.

At first glance, Maya was the kind of person who looked out of place among the teenagers at Heritage High; her long black hair fell midway to her back and wasn't exactly styled and her piercing green eyes which she had inherited from her mother. At times people referred to her appearance as witch-like, which coupled with her shyness which was mistake for arrogance kept people away from her. She wasn't cold, strange or snobbish as people often predicted, she was simply someone afraid of people and stuck to the things she was used to.

Maya sighed deeply, putting on a green t-shirt along with a pair of jeans and stared at herself in the full-length mirror, her wet hair was hanging loose at that moment; her face bore no artificial make-up which she tended to keep to a bare minimum. Looking around her room, Maya remembered her first meeting with Kasha.

The door opened to reveal a blonde haired girl who wore a baby blue t-shirt and three quarter pants. She carried a laptop case and a soft blue bag which she dropped on the bed opposite to Maya's. She then grinned up at Maya, her blue eyes twinkling. Maya had felt an instant liking for this friendly girl. Soon, both girls were comfortable with each other and chatting like old friends. Kasha had then suggested that they decorate the room the following day and Maya had agreed. She had also sat with Kasha's friends during dinner time.

Slipping on her green sandals, she walked down the hallway and into the room where Ms. Patel had told her to meet her in. She would be getting her first project of the year for G8, the special gifted organization she worked for. She laughed at how spy-like it sounded…G8 simply used her talents to help people, Maya liked to think of it as community service and it was one of the few places where she had met her best friend and one of the places which had remained constant in her varying life of moving from place to place.

Amara, Maya's best friend at G8 as well as fellow confidante was a pretty girl, with long brown hair and cocoa colored skin…taller than the 5ft4 Maya at 5ft7, with hair that was always impeccably styled, and a playful smile on her face, she was the person Maya could always rely on. She was also the one thing that remained constantly at G8. Amara was a genius, having graduated from high school at the age of 14 she had been recruited instantly by G8 and stayed put. Amara was also a smart girl who could keep her cool in dangerous situations.

Then there was Mehrin the cute yet smart girl who had 'photographic' memory. Mehrin had short brown hair and brown eyes, but her sparkly personality put made her sparkle and shine. Of course there was good old Alden and crazy Lee. Alden was the responsible and reliable one of the bunch and although the others often complained about him being a wet blanket most of the time…he was always there to lend a hand and give philosophical advice when necessary. At 19, he was also the oldest of the bunch, and then came Lee…a crazy Korean boy who kept things flowing. While Alden had straight white blonde hair and grey eyes, Lee had hair which looked like a cross between black and brown and curled at the edges and looked as if it was springing on his head. Lee was 18 and also in his last year at Heritage High. His fun-loving personality allowed him to make friends easily and brought liveliness to everything he did. He was also a computer whiz/ math genius. Amara and Mehrin were both 17, a year older than the 16 year-old Maya. Mehrin also went to Heritage and was in her final year there.

Each of the had a talent that kept them in G8, Amara's sharpness, Mehrin's memory, Alden's ability of applying his knowledge to everyday situations, Lee's way with computers and Maya's uncanny ability to link situations and notice things that others missed and of course her logic which helped her put everything together. Of course, they had their flaws as well, Amara was often hasty and made mistakes due to her inability to be patient, Mehrin was very indecisive and slightly clumsy, and Alden was at times too uptight about things. Also Lee could be too playful and it was rare that he was serious. Maya was just too unsure of herself and reserved to the point where she wouldn't make friends until the person pushed her.

Reaching the door, Maya opened only to come face to face with a familiar face.

Cameron stared at the green eyes of the girl he had bumped into earlier, wondering if she was one of his fellow group-mates at G8. Ms. Patel had said there were a few members of G8 attending Heritage and Cameron knew Lee, one of the seniors on the soccer team was an agent, though they had never worked together. He had assumed they were the only ones. Cameron smiled remembering how he'd bumped into the green-eyed girl in front of him.

"Cameron!" Jared Greens had called out to him as he made his way across the zoo that the school liked to call as the dinner hall. On his way, he had bumped into a fairly short black-haired and oriental looking girl to whom he mumbled an apology…just then, she'd looked up at him with those brilliant green eyes and Cameron had been stunned. There was an aura of mystery about her, something that screamed different. He shook off the feeling and walked over to his usual table and greeted all his friends, but as he ate he found himself wondering what was so different about this girl.

The memory of last night was still fresh as Cameron looked at the girl in front of him, not daring to ask her any questions. She was obviously new and had fascinated Cameron in a way most people didn't. At first glance, Cameron seemed like the typical rich kid with enough money to buy whatever he wanted but on a deeper level he was just someone who liked to analyze situations as well as people. He also kept himself one step away from people who weren't family…mainly, Ming Ling or Eric. He had his fair share of girlfriends, but none were too significant…merely used for image purposes. Having grown up in a world where his money mattered more then his personality, Cameron used G8 as a getaway from his repetitive life.

Maya had taken a seat in one of the many empty desks and was staring out the window wondering what he was doing here. Last night, she had bumped into him as she was making her way to Kasha's table. He had mumble an apology but it was when their eyes met that she'd felt as if he had a sort of inexplicable thing about him. Maya couldn't put her finger on it, but it was there. Maya caught things that were overlooked by most people and there had been something about Cameron that seemed to be hidden. Also there was that feeling as though he'd looked through her…he'd given her a look that had seemed to scrutinize her. It was as if he'd seen things that she tried her best to hide from the outside world. Then there was that feeling of connection…it was as though some how he was connected to her.

"I see you two are already here." Ms. Patel said opening the door to the empty room. "We'll have to wait for the other members of your team to show up." She continued, staring at them through her glasses. Her shoulder length black hair was tied up into a bun and her knee-length purple skirt made swishing sounds as she walked across the room, in addition to the clicking of her heels. The crisp white shirt finished off her scholarly look and the glasses added a sense of smartness. At 24, she was one of the younger teachers at Heritage High and also the person Maya looked up to at was also one of Ms. Anima Patel's charges and often reported directly to her.

Ms. Patel continued on to explain how a special team was being formed at G8 to handle certain assignments that couldn't individually be handled. Half-way through her explanation, Lee stumbled into the room, his brown hair a mess, his shirt crumpled and his eyes barely open. Mehrin bounced in after him, full of energy and ready to take on the world. Amara walked in behind Mehrin, rubbing her eyes and grumbling about having to wake up early followed by a wide-awake and fully alert Alden who carried his laptop. Amara and Alden were two of G8's full-fledged agents who didn't have school, so they went wherever Maya went, training and assisting her. Mehrin and Lee on the other hand stayed at their Headquarters where they could be reached if necessary. Lee usually used his computer skills to hack and gather information while Mehrin used her memory to study important photos, remember bits of information and sometimes even to remember important dates relating to assignments. Ms. Patel supervised their assignments and tried her best to keep them out of trouble.

"Okay, Cameron…meet your new teammates, Alden, Amara, you know Lee and Mehrin and of course you new partner, Maya." She introduced. Then she went on to explain their newest task which was to find a special necklace belonging to the Clairton family which had been stolen recently. Their only clue was a computer printed note left behind which read: Dig Deeper.

Alden decided to go back to head-quarters and do some questioning while Amara and Mehrin visited the scene of the crime which was a mansion nearby. Mehrin had a special pass which would get her out of the school for that day. Lee would do some internet searches and see what he could come up with. Maya and Cameron would stay put until further notice because neither had worked with the other before and both were used to solitary work. They would have to get used to each other first!

In a moment everything can change


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