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Chapter Two

"Daniel, where the hell are we going?"

"I told you..."

"We've been driving for an hour! Do you even know where this house is?"

"Yes, dammit, I know where the house is!"

"Well, why the hell are you driving in circles then?!"

"Oh, for Christ's sake, Anita, if you know so much more than me, maybe you should be driving!"

Yep, the commotion you just heard was my parents arguing. It's their favorite past-time, and the result of having two very tired parents in the same car after a long plane ride. Janine wasn't going to say anything, and neither did I, usually. We knew better than to try and interrupt our parents while in one of these fights. However, I was tired and annoyed to the point where I didn't give a damn whether I would get in trouble. "Is it possible for you two to shut the hell up so we can get some damn sleep back here?!" I shouted, throwing the blanket I'd fished from my carry-on over my head. Janine and Mom both glared at me, but Dad just smiled from the rear-view. I smiled back at him and continued to glance out of the window. Mom and Dad kept silent for the rest of the ride, but Mom would keep sneaking glares at me every now and then.

I woke up to my dad shaking my shoulder. "Chey, we're here." I blinked myself awake and looked up. We had stopped in front of a fairly large house with a U-Haul truck in the driveway. I put my blanket and iPod in my carry-on and stepped out of the car. Looking at the size of the house with the 'SOLD' sign on the lawn, I nearly lost my balance. Dad smiled at my reaction. "What do you think, kid?" he asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. I was standing in front of an impressive 2-story house with a gated front yard. I smiled at my father. "This house is amazing, Dad!" The place looked like it had come straight out of a storybook. It was painted light yellow with white trim on the windows and door. I had never seen a house with a round porch before. Dad handed me a house key. "Go check it out," he said, "I have to talk to the movers for a moment." I nodded as I let Cody out of his carrier and attached his leash.

Stepping up to the porch was rather surreal, since I had never really lived in a house before. Well, not one that we owned, at least. Most of my young life was spent in rented apartments because of all the traveling we had to do. I looked around the porch, walking around the bare space that, knowing my mother, would be filled with her neglected deck chairs in no time. I walked back to the inviting front doors and put the key in the lock. I was nearly floored by how impressive this house looked on the inside.

The entry led into a foyer, which had a curved staircase. To the left was a room that I assumed was the dining room and the door on the right was closed. I heard my sister's and my mom's voices upstairs, so I followed them.

Janine was standing in the middle of one of the bedrooms, looking through the closet. Mom noticed me. "So have you seen the rest of the house?" she asked. "No, I heard you guys talking," I replied. Mom nodded. "There's a room over here that'll be perfect for you. Janine's already claimed the round bedroom" - figures, she has a Princess complex a mile long, I thought privately - "but this one has a full bathroom. Your father said that he thought you'd like it."

And I did. I loved it. It was smaller than the other bedrooms, but it was bigger than the one I had in East Meadow. I didn't have to live out of boxes anymore. Not to mention that I wouldn't have to share the bathroom with Janine either. I spent sometime afterward looking around the house. Mom and Dad's master suite took up a large chunk of the left side of the house, but I had a feeling the study was going to be my favorite room. Dad told me he had plans to turn it into a small library or office. As for the other bedroom, we were going to turn it into a guest room.

A quick glance at the clock later on sent me back upstairs. The rooms were partially furnished by 11:30 (we had our beds, at least) so we all went to sleep in our respective rooms. We'd take care of the rest of the unpacking in the morning. I just remembered that I'd promised to IM Lily and Reese before my eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep, Cody snoozing at the side of my bed for the first time in a long time.

I woke up on Saturday morning to a sloppy dog tongue licking my face. "Cody, you big brute!" I spluttered, wiping my cheeks. Cody has been my alarm clock for three years, but I'll never get used to him licking me to wake me up. Actually, Cody's only 4 years old, so he's not that big, but it's a term of endearment. He's a big puppy at heart.

Now that I was awake and my face was washed, (ha!) I went into my bathroom - I'll never get used to having my own bathroom! - and took a shower. Most of the day was spent unpacking and setting up the furniture. I was pretty much set up to help move everything into the house, since Janine refused to do any work. Feh. After finishing in my own room, I grabbed Cody's leash to take him for a walk. Leaving the house with my dog in tow, I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I snapped a picture or two of the house and proceeded to text them to my friends in East Meadow, when I felt Cody tugging at his leash two blocks away from the house. I pocketed my phone quickly to look at what (or who) he was barking at.

A group of three girls stood on the corner. One of them was holding a scrawny chihuahua in her arms. The little dog was yapping it's head off. Let me just say now that I'm not a fan of little yappy dogs, which is why I have a yellow lab/goldie mix. My dog could probably floss it's teeth with this thing. Wincing, I knelt down and gave Cody a sharp command to back off. Glancing up, I smiled apologetically to the girls. "Sorry, Cody's not used to strangers," I explained. The group of girls giggled. WHY do they always have to giggle?!

The blonde girl holding the chihuahua spoke up. "That's okay, neither is Suki." I assumed that was the dog's name, but said nothing. "You're the new girl that moved in down the street, right?" she asked. I nodded in reply. "Yeah, we arrived yesterday. We're still unpacking. The house is bigger than any of us expected."

All three girls looked at me like I had 3 heads. These girls were obviously either extremely wealthy or just spoiled rotten. I shook my head. I hated having to explain this to everyone. "Most of the places we've lived in were rented and very small, because my family has to move a lot." Nope, the hamsters weren't running. They still had that glazed look in their eyes. "The house my dad bought is the first one we've ever owned," I said slowly. One of the girls, a redhead, looked at me with some sympathy, but the other two weren't getting it. The blonde winced at Cody, and looked back up at me. "So what's your name?" she asked, in what I detected was a snotty tone. "Cheyenne Taylor," I told her, almost automatically. I didn't even bother telling her my first name.

The girls giggled, and the blonde replied with, "My name's Becca Hall, on my right is Emily Stuart, and on my left is Julia Bower." I nodded towards them both. Awkward silence, then Julia glanced towards Cody and asked, "So what kind of dog do you have?" Noticing the annoyed look on Becca's face, I replied, "He's a yellow lab/golden retriever mix. We think, he was a stray before my dad got him."

There it was. That derisive snotty look that Becca had obviously been trying to hide during the entire conversation. "What's with the look?" I asked. As if someone who didn't have a purebred dog was beneath her or something, she stuck up her nose. Right then she looked and sounded remarkably like Janine. They'd get along well. "Suki's been in 4 national championships," she sniffed, as if I cared. I nodded. "Right. I care, really. There's more to having a dog than just carting it around as a showpiece, you know," I replied. Then the little rich bitch said something that really made my blood boil. "So what kind of name is Cody? Seems a rather stupid name to me." The other girls giggled, while I tried to keep from punching Becca. As if to say, "This conversation is over," I turned on my heel, snarled, "Let's go, Cody," and walked away. What a bitch.

I stomped upstairs as soon as I got home, Cody at my heels. Ignoring my sister and my mother, I sat on my bed, turned on my laptop and started up MSN Messenger. I typed a message to Reese and Lily and got a response immediately:

Chey1221 has signed on.

Shygrrl190 has signed on.

reesespeeces1535 has signed on.

Shygrrl190: Cheyenne! U told us u'd call as soon as u arrived!

Chey1221: I know Lils, sorry, we got in late, and we were all tired so I just crashed as soon as my bed was set up

reesespeeces1535: I got the pic you txted us. Awesome house!

Shygrrl190: I got it too. :D So what's ur neighborhood like?

Chey1221: Haven't seen much of it, but I ran into a couple of the local bitches of the neighborhood

reesespeeces1535: Uh-oh, dont tell me...

Chey1221: Yep, I got them over with my winning 'dont fuck w/ me' personality

Shygrrl190: XDXDXDXD

reesespeeces1535: So what happened?

Chey1221: The blonde chick decided to make fun of my dog. :(

Shygrrl190: D: I hope u punched her out! I love Cody!

reesespeeces1535: So do I. I wish I had a real dog like him, instead of the little dustmop my sister owns.

Chey1221: Hey, don't dis the dustmop!

reesespeeces1535: Why not? that's what she is: a barking dustmop

Shygrrl190: Reese! XDXDXD I nearly spit my iced tea, dammit!

Chey1221: I gotta go, guys, it's dinnertime. I have to go find the kitchen again. :D

Shygrrl190: LOL c u soon, girl.

reesespeeces1535: bye, Cheyenne. call us sometime, we both miss you.

Chey1221: bye.

Chey1221 has signed off.

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