Swing Set

(Verse 1)
Take me up again
And help me to fly
Take me up high again
So I can walk on the sky

Keep me up there forever
I don't want to fall
Keep me up real high so I
Realize nothing at all

Don't make me go back down
All the way 'til I reach the ground
Keep me in puerile bliss
Don't tell me what I miss
I'm gonna miss being up so high

(Verse 2)
Take away the gravity
It'll take away the pain
Take away all time and space
So I can sustain



I love this elation
I want it to last forever
Please don't
Let…me… fall

(Chorus x2)

(Pre-Chorus x2)

I'm gonna miss being up so high

A/N: I wrote the rough draft version of this on the plane to Europe, and I finished it on the train ride from France to Spain. I already had a melody for it in my head, and I have plans to turn it into music. I really liked how it came out, and I was always transfixed by those childhood things. I still remember my first swing-set in my backyard, and it kind of inspired me. I hope you like this. Thank you.