Made it in time for class! Had a slight inkling that Mr. Googly-eyed Fitzpatrick was going to kill me, but surprisingly no such action prevailed. He instead stared me down with his googly-eyes, hence his first name. Googly. (What a weird word). Scary I admit, but better than death I suppose. Mathematics was fun. Nerd? Yes, well I suppose that too. After two hours of maths and another hour of physics, it was food time. Off to the cafeteria I went, lugging my biology text with me for some much needed morning tea revision. Nerd? I told you, yes.

"Baked Beans?"

Lunchlady looked at me in a what-are-you-stupid-? kind of way. I'm not stupid. I knew they were baked beans. Who's not to know what baked beans smell, look and taste like? Shit, of course, but that's beside the point.

"Baked beans cause flatulence in most, and really, it's not the most creative food that you, as the provider of nutritious edibles during our mere fifteen minute break, can provide for our working brains."

Run away! Ladles are very dangerous weapons. So here I am, sitting at table, eating baked beans, reading up on cellular activity performed by mitochondria when all of a sudden I spot Samantha walk into the cafeteria with Oh-my-god-like friends in toe. Samantha. Well, what can I say?

"Thank you Lunchlady Megan, you're such a good cook!"

What did that lunchlady hand to Samantha? Squinting eyes. Please don't tell me…wait. I think it is. Bacon! Samantha gets bacon. Pen gets baked beans. The world is in order.

"Have you gals seen the new guy? He's so gorgeous. Yeah. No, Cameron. His name is Cameron."

"Oh my god, yes like I saw him in the hallway and I nearly died from a heartache I was so in love."

Samantha said. Friend replied. Pen gobbled up the rest of her beans.